Day 914: Hello, Reader!

Day 914 is all about you. Hello, you there! Yes, you! Whether you are a regular reader who waits for the daily posts or simply someone who ended up here accidentally, I want to get to know you. Who are you? Are you chasing some big goals like me? What is your plan? Which topics would you like to read more about? Post a comment and let’s talk!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Worked just a tiny bit and earned a tiny bit of money. All in all, it was more than we spent today at the shop. Also, my husband brought me all these receipts he had been collecting at home. I try and keep an eye on our spendings, especially the food spendings because it’s quite astonishing how much we spend in a supermarket. It was better in August while I was doing most of our shopping online and had it delivered to our office (our home is out of the delivery reach). It got a bit out of hand again in September, while I lived mostly in the UK (21 days out of 30) and he was home alone. The biggest culprits in our budget are fruit and nut bars. You know, Nakd and such. They are delicious and perfect snacks but the price is too high. And it is super easy to make these at home. I have done it. The truth is that they do vanish quite quickly once ready. Once we get home, I will make different types of bars and big batches and freeze much of it. When they are frozen, they are harder to eat as they need to melt. We also need small jars in which to keep our daily nut servings. We do eat too much nuts and this costs a fortune.

So, anyhow, earned some money and also thought a bit about our spending habits which is a good thing to do if you want something as big as a house. + watched an episode of Shop Well for Less on BBC iPlayer. Quite eye-opening how people think about their spending. Or not think about it.

Oh, I was tinkering with my money machine as well. I mean, the Christmas recipe book. Developed a lentil curry loaf recipe.

2. Write AND publish a book.

All quiet on the writing front. Usually, I find it hard to get back writing after the Monday and Wednesday workshops are just over. However, I have been thinking about the tasks I need to write for next week. It’s children, children, children. Funnily enough, the topics of two workshops clash. Bearing in mind Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising sequence, I should try my hand at children’s quest fantasy. This sounds heavy-duty, enormous, like Harry Potter. Writing just a few pages, a small extract sounds rather hard, to be honest. Quests are long and mysterious and almost always include some kind of a map. So, should I start off with someone (preferably a child) finding a map or an ancient artefact? I was thinking of bringing in some Estonian folklore, a kratt, maybe. A creature that you can build yourself to bring you a fortune and grant your other wishes. You always need to have enough work to give the kratt, otherwise, it will kill you. Oh, this could be a nice and a bit creepy story! Children’s stories don’t need to be all warm and fuzzy, an element of danger is good.

3. Win a major race.

1-hour run at a moderate pace. My legs were still hurting from the uphill sprints of the day before but this run turned out rather well. Can be proud of myself. Better shape, here I come!

Photo of the Day

The pretty fountain in Weston-super-Mare. Lovely weather, just a tad chilly, the stones we were sitting on were warm. Had a small picnic of grapes and clementines there. The weather forecast says it shall snow in Scotland next week. No thanks. We escaped Estonia for a reason: better running weather in November.

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