Day 916: Time for Productivity

I feel the most accomplished if I do several things every day that can be put into the “productivity” box. Any small step that enables me to achieve a bigger goal makes me feel alive. I do love those days when I can be productive shortly after waking up. Sadly, I don’t have too much of those. As we are house sitting now and travelling around the UK (mainly as close to Cardiff as possible because of my studies), we often need to start the day by walking the dog(s). Then there’s breakfast, that all-important run, the whatever.

I need time to wake up. I like to do it slowly. Because of my low blood pressure, I can be quite light-headed in the morning. I love my coffee, my proper coffee made from beans. Somehow, the Brits seem to be drinking instant only. Yuck. Slow mornings don’t mean I like to wake up late. The earlier, the better. The earlier hours pack some kind of special promise of productivity in them. Usually, I also feel the urge to create something in the evening as well, the second wave of productivity, one might call it. I have sat behind my computer (these days, “productivity” is something computer-related) until midnight and even longer. But I don’t like it. It feels like wasting my precious sleep and ends up with waking up too late the next morning. Which means that everything gets delayed and this is especially true for my run. Oh, the precious run! I can start being productive only after my workout of the day has been done.

What about you? At what time of the day are you productive?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Had a slow day, really taking time off. It was the first day that my husband was here in the UK with me. Finally. So, didn’t work. Didn’t think about our own house… except… I told him that I shall need a library/working room where I can really spread out my stuff and put boards on the walls and stick photos of my goals everywhere.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read raw and super fresh fiction written by my peers because Wednesday, the following day, is a workshop day.

3. Win a major race.

Easy 10K jog on the promenade in Weston-super-Mare. Walked the dog twice as well. And went for a walk without the dog. Loads of steps.

Photo of the Day

A new housesitter/dog walker has arrived and completed his first ever dog walk.

What do You Think?

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