Day 917: The Waiting

Have you ever had the feeling that sometimes waiting for something is better than the thing itself? The waiting could become annoying and wear you out, but the anxiety might be well gone when the event itself happens. I find myself very excited when I plan new adventures, new trips. I can picture myself going to places. Buying a bus ticket, a flight is so much more fun than the actual hours I shall end up spending stuck in a chair. These hours have a different value when they are still distant.

I had been waiting for my husband to come and join me. 35 days. That’s 5 weeks. Previously, the most we had been apart in the last 4 years was maybe like… 5 days. This was a big jump for us. I had moments when I felt so lonely (after all, away in another country) that I got the urge to smash car windows with the umbrella aimlessly hanging from my hand while walking down the street. Day 917, a Monday, October 15 – my husband landed in London and arrived after several bus trips. I had been waiting for this moment, I was counting the hours, mind you! But when it was only minutes to go, the excitement had left me. Of course, I was happy to see him, life can go back to normal now. I have someone to talk to apart from the animals that I/we look after during our housesitting adventures. Someone to share my life with. Someone to help me with cooking, doing the dishes, walking the dogs. Someone to run with, well, occasionally when my slower pace suits him.

Still, the waiting might be the best part. Bittersweet. All options open. All outcomes possible.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some work and checked my investments. Also checked our company’s book-keeping. We are out of business for a few months, but not really as I go on translating and some invoices are being cashed in as well.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t do any creative writing but read other people’s pieces for Wednesday’s workshop and commented on them. Will be discussing them soon. I do think that critical reading helps me to become a better writer. Seeing these raw pieces, fresh from the Word processor… yes, the first steps of writing are important and need to be analysed. Especially if I want to write books about the creative writing process itself.

3. Win a major race.

Wind. Rain. Grey sky. And 15 km run at the aerobic threshold. That’s harsh! Doing some serious foundation training for the next few months, taking advantage of good running weather (as compared to Estonia) and the changing, hilly landscapes in the UK. Well, I did manage to do the run. On my way to success!

Photo of the Day


The days of a lady with a small white dog are over. Now there’s Bailey, a strong muscular dog that actually likes to run. Went for a long walk on the beach in the morning.

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