Day 920: It’s the Perspective

How about climbing a mossy mountain?
This time, there is a photo right at the beginning of the post. There will be another further down as usual but resist the temptation to scroll down. You would be missing the point! Read through the entire post and you shall see what I am after.

I wanted to discuss perspective, the point of view, a way of seeing things. Day 920, a Friday, October 12 had a rather miserable start. Rain that looked as if it was here to stay. Not a short shower, more like someone who has gone to the shower, washed themselves, and forgotten to turn off the water afterwards. Neither me nor Mitzi, the lovely bichon frise I am looking after as a housesitter, didn’t feel like going out. Mitzi did venture into the back garden, running straight into the huge puddles, chasing the birds away, but this lasted something like 10 seconds. The garden was flooded. The rain didn’t have any intention to stop. But I had to go for a run, I couldn’t stay in for the whole day, could I? That would have been simply awful. Nothing wears me out more than staying indoors for the entire day. OK, running a full marathon would wear me out too after the first 30 km – the beginning is invigorating, adrenaline pumping, etc.!

Anyhow, I decided to get out and jog towards the St Fagans National History Museum where you can see Welsh houses from different periods. It’s an open-air museum. As usual, the rain looked worse from indoors, outdoors was quite pleasant. 16 degrees, some annoying wind, no rain once I got out. It was kind of warm, in fact. I ran by the River Ely, some beautiful landscapes there. It is all about how you look at things. To get a better picture of something, you need to try a different angle, to live in somebody else’s skin. I guess writers tend to do it. Or they imagine that they are doing this and congratulate themselves for understanding other people so well!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Some slow work in the morning as I was trying to wake myself up. Sometimes easy work tasks are the perfect start for a day, they require less from the brain than heavy-duty creative stuff. Invented two recipes my Christmas-themed recipe book, i.e. that damn money machine that I am building for it to make tons for our house! Ah, this is much better than the tedious translation process! Writing, inventing, creating new value! Well, I can accept translation projects but they would have to be super-interesting or simply longer projects that would pay off (takes quite a lot of energy to focus and re-focus on smaller jobs, sometimes the guidelines are 10x longer than the actual text to be translated).

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued reading the first book of Susan Cooper’s The Dark Is Rising sequence and will finish it soon. Well, there is something in there but possibly wouldn’t read it again. But I do need this for Monday’s workshop.

My walk around St Fagans had actually another purpose than mere sightseeing. Next Wednesday, we will be workshopping creative pieces written about places. Psychogeography. I chose to write about St Fagans. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out but as I spent something like two hours around there, the story told itself. I took loads of photos that serve as notes. I want to write about the tall trees there. And the houses. And the dialogue/fight between them. The houses forming a misplaced history, the trees towering over them with self-importance. Sounds vague, but it could actually be rather great. I do believe that testing new kinds of writing and doing exercises shall help me get closer to writing more seriously.

3. Win a major race.

Well, this little excursion added 10K to my weekly mileage. More than I intended in the first place. When I got back, I was famished. I didn’t take any money with me, otherwise would have bought something in the museum. There are several shops, cafés and even an old-school bakery where you can buy cool bread.

Photo of the Day

Anyone who thought the first photo showed a mountain was wrong. Like I said, it’s the perspective, the point of view. If you look from further away, you can see it’s just an iron age thatched roof house. No chimney. Went inside too, it was quite full of smoke, a lovely log fire keeping it cosy.

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