Day 921: Hidden Pathways

Hidden pathways that magically create shortcuts and give you the gift of a few extra minutes every day. Hidden pathways that are only visible to those who know how to look for them. Hidden pathways that are so narrow that you secretly hope that you shall meet no one while passing through one of them. Hidden pathways squeezed between the tight network of houses that occasionally seem to be never-ending – at least in England and Wales where a house is seldom alone.

Oh, yes, I do love hidden pathways and I did find some on day 921, a Thursday in the Ely region of Cardiff where I am in the middle of a short-term, yet lovely, house sit with a small cutie called Mitzi. She is the kind of dog that allows me to enact scenes of a lady with a small white dog (short story by Chekhov).

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Thought a bit about my investments again (might be doing it too much, considering how small my portfolio is) and might be restructuring soon: giving up some crowdfunding platforms and buying equities instead. Also, worked on a longer translation project. Was offered several smaller ones but it feels more reasonable to have this big one and focus on it rather than hop in and hop out of short ones. The time that is required to adjust to short projects and then another and another is simply not worth it.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued reading Susan Cooper’s Over Sea, Under StoneOver Sea, Under Stone that shall be the topic of the next genre fiction workshop. It is a quest fantasy and a children’s book. Not really sure what to think about it. But it is a classic and just the first one in the sequence of five books. Must be worth the read! Didn’t do any creative writing but was thinking about a short piece of mine that was recently workshopped. This could be broken into smaller stories because I tend to put too many ideas into one. This could even form a series called The Tower Block Granny. Oh, yes. And maybe some other stories about other people who live there?

3. Win a major race.

Tried testing if I have any speed left in my legs. I do. Managed a quite decent run around the streets of Ely and the Trelai Park. I felt alive!

Photo of the Day

This photo has nothing to do with hidden pathways. Not narrow, not secret. Just a random metal structure very a very wide road that goes all the way from Cardiff to Cowbridge. I thought that the evening sky looked amazing through there.

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