Day 922: My Time is Valuable

“Employers pay salaries for time. That is the basic commodity that human beings have that is valuable. We exchange our time in life for money. Writers stay with the first step – their time – and feel it is valuable even before they get money for it. They hold on to it and aren’t so eager to sell it. /…/ So it is good to be a little dumb when you want to write. You carry that slow person inside you who needs time; it keeps you from selling it all away.”

“Living Twice” from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones

I had heard about the book and thought about buying it and now I know I really need it. I was reading this extract, these few pages from the book, added to this week’s workshop preparation materials by the fabulous Dan Anthony who teaches us.

As a writer, I always think that I will do some writing once I have done this or that or earned a certain amount of money. I tend to have monthly income goals. My income fluctuates and depends directly on the amount of work I do. The joy of being a translator, content creator, and so on. This is bad, I know it is. I do invest on a small scale, trying hard to create a source of passive income. But I would need more. More money, so I could have more time. Time is money. Money is time. Money earned is time for myself, for my writing.

Time always seems to be running out. How can I cope with everything that I want to do? Do I have too many things going on at once? Might have. That’s why I created this blog and defined three major goals that really matter to me and that I want to be working towards every single day. It is good to have some kind of focus. Especially with modern lives being so out of focus.

I find it hard to not work for money. I get a bit anxious if I don’t bring any money in. However, we have some savings, we could cope. And in the meantime, I could pursue my dreams. In the end, these dreams can grow into something bigger and start bringing in money. I just have to take the leap, be brave, and swim once I have jumped in. I can manage, I can find the shore. I want this. I truly want this. To be a writer, to create meaningful content, to conduct creative writing workshops, to write inspiring recipe books, to build nutrition-related online courses.

To create value.

I can.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Made some money with some odd translation jobs but wasn’t really happy doing all this. It is not my passion. Thought hard about how I would really like to make money for the house. Maybe… divide my week, my days between the two different kinds of “work” I do. Several hours for money, several hours for the truly inspiring stuff that does need time to progress!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Narrative engineering and construction workshop. Read some theoretical material (like the extract from Goldberg), some stories, original and new, almost raw work from my coursemates, received feedback. Oh, this is all so useful! For instance, I just realised how I try and put too much different aspects into one story. This week’s assignment was microfiction, up to 500 words. Even there, I managed to put way too many strands into it. Like Dan said, it has more than one story in it and I could develop a full story from each one. But need some more focus for that one story. I feel alive when I create new content. Some of it may take the shape of a book. One beautiful day.

3. Win a major race.

Woke up later than planned, damn. Not sure if I wanted to run after all. Time seemed to be running out. Again and again. So many things to do. But I went. A half-hearted slow jog, 6.5 km. Nothing special but at least I got myself moving. It will all be better soon as a new house sit also started and we are all booked until December. Yes! Bye-bye, hostel life and weird people…

Photo of the Day

View from the Cardiff Library where I spent a few hours working on my computer. Fantastic! Finally, I am also starting to understand how the city works, how it lives and breathes. Pretty confusing at times, especially because the centre is like a never-ending shopping centre. You start in St David’s, go into the Queen’s, exit at John Lewis. It’s so odd.

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