Day 923: The Art of Being Alone

Before I moved all the way to the UK once again, this time for my Erasmus exchange term, me and my husband had been apart for 5 days the most. Now, it has been 29 days and 6 more empty days loom ahead of me. In four years, we have grown together, intertwined our lives completely, fully, totally, you name it. At home and at work because we have our own company. I couldn’t imagine life without him, he is such a huge part of it. Not only a husband, the husband and the best friend.

I have always considered myself as an independent woman who can quite happily cope on her own. I am a bit selfish, I admit it. I like things to be done in my own way and get rather annoyed if a plan falls apart. I even quite enjoyed the quiet days that I spent home when he went to the office to meet clients. But I was waiting for him to come home quicker every damn evening.

During almost a month of being alone, I have once more discovered what it feels like to be away from home and family, your loved ones. I miss him. I miss my friends. I miss the chance to share my day with someone, experience it together, make plans together. Or… as is the case with me: make him follow my plans. He does, he agrees. I do ask if he really wants to do this or that, I seriously do! Trying to be a bit less selfish. But in this, he trusts me. He knows that I make the best travel plans, dig out the most precious information. And he lets me do it. Now I cannot wait for him to come here and let me do stuff again. Until then.. I will practice a bit more of the art of being alone.

What about you? Do you like being on your own?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Missed being home, being around my cats, my husband. The resolution to start a whole new kind of business settled a bit more. It is starting to root itself, getting attached to the ground. The new business model will be better, will inch us closer to the dream of our own house. Also, it was his last working day for a few months. Will start anew next year.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read another book that we need to read before Monday’s class. Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper. Children’s quest fantasy, not yet sure what to make of this. Not far enough. Read through other people’s flash fiction stories for Wednesday’s narrative engineering class as well. Analysed them, wrote comments, thought a bit about narrative structures and ways of writing a story. It is good to be doing this regularly! And it is terrific that I am doing a Creative Writing programme once again! If you didn’t know, then I graduate from Bath Spa University back in 2012. Same thing, Creative Writing, postgraduate level.

3. Win a major race.

Went for a run that turned out to be longer than first expected. Decided to do 45 minutes, but ended up jogging at an easy pace for an hour. Such a sunny weather in October! It was simply a pleasure to run around the Cardiff Bay. Again.

Photo of the Day

Yes, it was a sleeveless top day! On my run.

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