Day 925: Running Makes Me Emotional

Whenever I am at the starting line of a major race, I not only feel a rush of adrenaline racing through my blood. Sometimes, I also feel tears brimming at the verge of my eyelids, bursting out uncontrollably. It is never sadness, it is the feeling of realising how I am about to start doing something great. And with all those people around me. I have many race photos where I smile and wave to the camera. I also have ugly photos where I look as if dying and my legs are not rising high. I don’t have any photos of myself shedding an odd tear amidst the mass of runners. But I do it. Really.

I also cried a bit when I went to see the finish of the Cardiff Half today. Amazing. I so wanted to run myself and was rather sad to find out that it had sold out 6 months ago. Would have been possible to run under somebody else’s name. If someone from my hostel had been completely sure that they did not want to do the race, I would have joyfully volunteered to jog through the course for them (because I wanted to do a long and easy run and wasn’t quite ready for another half a week after the last one) and finish aorund1:40-1:45. No one surrendered, so I had to go for my own run later. But I did go to the finish line to watch with anxiety who would be placed first. Before, I watched the race in the hostel from the TV. Amazing how you can watch something on TV and then step out of the house and be in the centre of this. The first man to come over the finish line wasn’t from Uganda, although you could see a pack of yellow shirts on TV. It was that Australian who had been tagging along with the Africans. Finished in 1.01. First woman over the line around 1.09. That’s fast. When I looked at the fast runners rushing over the finish line, all those miles behind them, all those people cheering them onwards, I couldn’t help myself to cry a bit. So beautiful! It was as if a bucket of newly found running motivation was poured over me. I wanted to run so much. And finally get my diet habits in tune again. Living in hostels here and there and accepting mystery shopping assignments with fast food has not been the best idea. Luckily, there will be loads of house sits ahead and I (soon it will be “we”!!) will start preparing meals from scratch again. The weird kind of eating is really getting on my skin.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Received a comment under one of my posts, asking how we were planning to build the house. It gave me the chance to lean back and think about it a little. Well, how? Realised that there is still so much to do and I do need to build that money machine of mine that I have been talking about! New motivation! Thank you, dear reader!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Creative writing task for Wednesday’s class, a piece of flash fiction – done! Luckily, I had an idea for that piece already in the previous class, so it wasn’t that had to compose.

3. Win a major race.

In Estonia, a race series came to an end. I didn’t earn enough points to end up winning a place in the top 6, mostly because I wasn’t there this weekend. Well, let’s try again next year. However, some award money for my points should be coming soon anyway. Also, I went for a run around Cardiff Bay. I wanted an easy week, so the last run of the week was also an easy one. Turned out quite great: 17.6 km at 5.14 pace, heart rate miraculously low 136. This is my recovery run heart rate. Good shape after all?

Photo of the Day

Event village. It had to be a photo from the race. March 2016 – we were at the same place but had a worse racing weather.

P.S. That dreadful bridge from my March 2016 Cardiff Half when we tagged along at the World Championships? That bridge around the 12 km mark, of which I mostly remember getting soaking wet because it was pouring when I crossed that awful bridge? Well… I realised it is the same damn bridge next to the YHA hostel that I have been walking over and over time and again. Life is funny, right?

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