Day 928: I am a Snail (or a Camel)

You know snails, right? These slimy little creatures who carry a huge shell on their back. Is this slowing them down or the fact that they don’t have legs? Anyhow, day 928, a Thursday, October 4, saw me waking up in another hostel, this time by the river. I first went for a run. The good thing about being beside the river is the abundance of running trails. I could run by the river or go wandering in Bute Park, for instance. Afterwards, I ate a small breakfast and packed my bag with my superheavy laptop (really need a lighter one if I am going to carry it everywhere; I bought it with the intention of keeping at home or at the office but ended up carrying it around…), study notebook, house sitting diary, water bottle, jacket, and such. It didn’t feel that heavy to begin with but after I had been sitting at the Llandaff campus library for a while and worked on school stuff for way too long without a break AND without a snack, it started to annoy me. I went to the big Tesco store for some groceries and then walked all the way back through Bute park. Lovely weather, sunshine, beautiful nature, but… the bloody bag! Do I really have to carry all that stuff around with me? Yes, I do. I am a snail, carrying my home on my back. Or I am a camel storing tons of water (stuff) on its back. One day, this is going to kill me. It did that day too. I did spend a lovely half an hour by the river, writing my house sitting diary, but ended up having a dreadful headache and lying down in bed for hours. Some painkillers (and I rarely take any), two cups of coffee, Deep Heat warming cream, finally a proper meal and I was more or less recovered. But I do hate when these headaches happen and there’s no husband (=physiotherapist) to rub my shoulders.

The Spanish girl who stayed in the same room with me went out and about in the city with only her jacket on. Possibly, she had all the necessary things in her pockets. I almost envied her for packing so light for the day!

What about you? Do you tend to carry loads of stuff with you everywhere?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t earn a penny for the house, although I know that the money I have invested must be earning a little. Oh, and during the long walk (2+ miles either way) through the park and by the river, I listened to investing podcasts. Trying to become smarter.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Made great progress with my creative writing homework. Read loads of interesting stories and articles about writing and made clever notes. I felt a pang of inspiration washing over me! Yes, I will start teaching creative writing back home! This time, properly. I did fail 4 years ago. Mainly because I stopped doing it before it got really good. Must try again.

3. Win a major race.

45 minutes of easy jogging. It was fine. I am still in the middle of a recovery week after the half marathon and the long season as well.

Photo of the Day

The snail/camel and her shell/hump on a walk in Bute Park.

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