Day 929: Students Who Study

“Student”, derived from the verb “to study” – should be quite self-evident that students do study. Well, according to some people, this might not be the case. While I was in Nottingham, trying to write my assignment in the noisy and dingy hostel kitchen, a guy talked to me, asking what I was up to for the night. He didn’t believe that I really wanted to study, that I liked to study. Because everybody knows that exchange students don’t go abroad to study, they all just want to party. Well, no, and you can go to hell. I’ve always only studied those things that I really care about and this means that I am genuinely interested in succeeding. I want to do well not only to get good grades but because I want to develop as a person and be good at something. And what’s so wrong with studying? Not everybody has to be a party person, wasting their time away (no offence if you like to party, I don’t but like small gatherings with friends, so drinking and staying up way too late is a waste of time for me, interrupts my training, etc.).

Do you like to study? Do you choose the subjects that you really are interested in?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

No proper work but another mystery shopping assignment so saved money on my lunch. Also, accepted a bigger translation task that will take me weeks. Money, incoming.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued to comment on other people’s work and had a workshop in the evening. Pretty useful. However, I was very confident about my story before and the others did like it, but… in the end, I had some doubts. Really condense that 15-page “monster” (teacher’s words) or develop it into a full novel? There is a lot to tell, this could be my “O’Farrell” book! Family secrets and such.

3. Win a major race.

Easy week after the half marathon and the whole long season. Didn’t run but walked all the way up to Cyncoed and then back down.

Photo of the Day

I changed hostels, the house sit that was put up on the site did simply not happen. I was waiting for an answer the entire and finally booked another hostel for the night. During the day, I spent hours at the BBS because their upstairs sitting area is nice and quiet (and has outlets for computer).

What do You Think?

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