Day 930: Hostel People

On Tuesday, day 930, I, currently a houseless house sitter woke up in a hostel bed. YHA Cardiff Central, bunk beds put into spacious former hotel rooms, private bathroom included. At this price, the best place to be. I’ve never seen such a good value for money. But I didn’t want to talk about the place, the people instead. I have noticed something about solo female travellers: they like to keep themselves to themselves. 4 of us in the room and hardly ever talking to each other. I didn’t mind, I do love my privacy and don’t really need new friends. Quite happy with my coursemates who know everything about writing and share my passion. Random people at hostels might not fit the same wavelength.

In the room, there was an odd old lady, with long wavy grey hair, hiking boots, and an enormous backpack. She kept watching the TV in the evening, exclaiming to herself, commenting. Once she finally woke in the morning, around 9.30, the TV was first on her mind. “Not a morning person,” she said. Around 10.30, I could finally open the curtains, let some light into the dark room.

Then there was this one who arrived basically in the middle of the night, her things already waiting on her bed, sweaty (woke and went to the bathroom where I could smell the dampness of her clothes), and left again early. Working somewhere?

What are all the people doing there? Some seem to be living there, even. A gentleman I had seen during my previous stay… all dressed up in a suit, ready for work in the morning. Possibly. What stories are they all carrying, dragging around with them? I could ask or just make something up. As a writer, I have the freedom to assume.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t spend on my lunch, yet another mystery shopping assignment. Small win. Also, redeemed my Domino’s voucher and was thus having pizza for dinner… and next breakfast and yet another lunch, possibly. This did save money, although I am starting to long for a proper meal, cooked from scratch.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read some of other people’s stories that would be workshopped on the next day. Wrote comments. Reading other people’s unpolished stuff and later hearing their reasons for this and that choice does help a lot to think more critically about my own writing.

3. Win a major race.

45 minutes. Post-race recovery. Fine enough. This will be an easy week anyhow.

Photo of the Day

It is a lot of space, isn’t it? The lower bunk bed is mine, my Robin Hood half marathon shirt airing.

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