Day 931: Is Life Without Google Maps Possible?

Back in Cardiff after my small detour to the North, I took my luggage (I now have a wheeled suitcase because the backpack was killing me with its heaviness) to the YHA Cardiff Central. After that crappy Nottingham hostel, it was a real treat. The rooms are big, it’s like a hotel, only with bunk beds. The beds are strong, the mattresses firm, the duvet and pillow substantial and each one comes with its own reading light. The bathroom is ensuite and I share it with only 3 other ladies in my room. Superb. Can even live without a house to sit for a while. Let’s see what life brings my way!

Anyhow, after 4pm I started my trek towards the Cardiff Met Cyncoed campus which is in any case quite a way from the city centre. I have not yet fully figured out how the streets twist and turn around Cardiff. I only knew that I have to get up the hill to reach the campus. So, off I went, trustworthy Google Maps open, simply following the directions. And then my phone screen went blank. What? It was all black, except a white stripe at the bottom and some flicker. My husband did drop it a year ago. Did the fall finally get to the phone? I tried all the buttons and even hitting it against a wall. Nothing. OK. No more Google Maps, have to find the way with my own brain. I was lost. Wandering around in strange streets. No, no, no. I did know that the campus was a few miles away and the time was ticking away, mercilessly. Finally, I started checking the maps at the bus stops. They did have the bus routes only, no streets, but I could see where the 52, 57, and 58 buses departed. These buses go towards the campus. I found the familiar road I had cycled a few times and ran and ran and ran. In the end, I was 12 minutes late. Not that bad. I found my way back as well. I wasn’t glued to my phone screen, I was looking around, studying my surroundings, paying attention. I was present. Maybe it was even a good thing. Maybe. I was devastated that the phone wasn’t working. How shall I take photos? How shall I rent a bike via a phone app? Oh, the horror. I realised how much I depend on the phone. Not as a phone because I hate phone calls, I am afraid of them even, but as a device to connect to the internet and as a navigation tool. A miracle happened. I put the phone charging, hoping it would somehow bring it back. It did. I had a working screen once again. Yes!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Dreamt about finding a new house sit soon. We are quite fixed for November and the second half of October but currently I am a houseless house sitter.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Genre fiction workshop. Shared my ideas on theory and discussed the creative bit as well. Felt quite energised and ready to do some more writing! Even had an idea what to write about for the next week’s class.

3. Win a major race.

Wasn’t supposed to train as recovering from the Nottingham half marathon but did run due to losing my magical Google Maps. Thanks to running, I was less late after losing my way. Got more than 20,000 steps in.

Photo of the Day


Say goodbye to Nottingham!


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