Day 934: Keeping Fit?

One day, when I was still roaming around Penarth, during a rather easy run, I heard a small child ask her grandmother in the park: “Why does she run?” Without turning my head, I could tell she was pointing at me. No one else was crazy enough to attempt run-like movements in Alexandra Park, up and down, up and down, go around. A good, down-to-earth grandmother answered, of course, “To keep fit. She runs to keep fit.” I didn’t linger around for too long but sounded like the girl accepted the answer. It satisfied her curiosity. However, it didn’t make me happy. Keep fit? What do you mean, keep fit? Running is not at all only about this! People who don’t run themselves seem to think so.

Running is a lifestyle. If I only needed to keep fit, I would run much less and quite differently. Keeping fit is only one part of the equation. I run because it makes me happy, it helps to clear my mind, I love races, I am competitive and ambitious! “Keeping fit” sounds like the most boring reason to run. But many people do it. I don’t judge them. It is a good way to keep fit. Much more exciting than cycling or simply walking. Keeping fit doesn’t tickle me anymore, though.

Why do you run?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Well, overall it was a lazy day that consisted of binge-watching Doctor Who and Killing Eve at my house sit in Birmingham. Damn that BBC player and big TV! I could say that the walk I took around Bournville, closely following the route marked down on a paper map that my lovely hosts left me, titled “New Year’s Walk”, gave me some inspiration about the house we are going to build. Well, definitely a detached one with a big garden, unlike these rows of houses they have in the UK! Estonians wouldn’t go for this anyway. And… I realised that our house must have a big office/library room where I could write and be utterly inspired. This room shall have a big desk for me to put my stuff on. And big papers on the wall to draw some schemes. The house sit I stayed at had papers on the wall like this but the study itself was cramped. I felt inspired. Somewhat.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued writing my house sitting journal. So much to write, so less time! Also, wrote an article about finding one’s optimal racing weight. This shall go into Estonia’s very own Runners’ World type of magazine. My third article there already. Making progress, alright!

3. Win a major race.

No run, a rest day. Did go for a long walk around Bournville and got in more than 10,000 steps.

Photo of the Day


A photo from the walk. I had always thought that vines are horrible and people must be crazy if they grow a forest of vines around their homes. But… it does look kind of nice if it looks like that, doesn’t it? What do you think? Vines or no vines?

What do You Think?

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