Day 936: The Erl-King

Goethe’s poem of the Elfking seemed a rather unique one but it wasn’t the original. He, too, picked it up from the folk tales and developed his own version, while doing it in a very convincing way. The story of the elf king who snatches children or kills children has taken many other forms as well. It is one of those immortal stories that come around, again and again, dressed in new clothes each time, old skin shredded, new one grown. Angela Carter’s version is a grimmer one, full of visual images and complicated words, nothing much happening and then again everything. Sarah Shun-lien Bynum‘s modern take, including Waldorf schools, has a whole different tone to it. There are so many ways to tell one story. We only looked at some at the first narrative engineering and construction workshop. I now have another version tickling at the back of my mind. Should I or shouldn’t I write it down? I can even see it as a full novel, a psychological thriller, the kind of novel I have been reading. Yes, let’s do it.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Oh, didn’t earn anything. Didn’t even listen to an investment-podcast. Was living, breathing creative writing because it was the workshop day.

2. Write AND publish the book.

A true creative writing day because I had the narrative engineering and construction (with a focus on the short story form) in the evening. Read quotes from stories that we like, analysed stories, tried writing a story in 20 minutes too. At first, I didn’t feel like coming up with another story of the elf king. Then it came to me when I least expected and an odd story started to develop. Bits and pieces of childhood mixed with fictional motherhood. This could actually be interesting if I decide to continue. The question is: when the hell should I continue with the workshop work? The workshop itself ends 8pm and I shall be drop dead tired by that time. So, when? Should have a special time when to handle all the unfinished stuff? Possibly.

3. Win a major race.

Woke up in the Penarth house for the last time and went for a run there. 10×2 min speedwork. Cosmeston Lakes. Some uphill, some downhill parts. Some hard, some easy. Overall, a good workout, I guess. Getting ready for the Robin Hood half.

Photo of the Day


The only photo I took that Wednesday. Cardiff at night. Stayed at a hostel for the night as I was about to take a rather early bus to Birmingham and the class ended very late. It was best to sleep in Cardiff, although the dorm room was somewhat inconvenient. One of my roommates was showering when I checked in around 3pm and she was still showering 45 minutes later when I had made and eaten my lunch in the kitchen. After the class, she was already in bed, so the room was all dark. Good that everyone had their own bedside lamps. I had quite a headache when I went to sleep… the second roommate checked in much later when I had already fallen asleep. Not the most peaceful night.

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