Day 937: Bending Time

Day 937, Tuesday, the day when the house owners of my very first house sit were about to arrive home from their 2-week cruise. The house was about to cease to be mine. In fact, it was never really mine, I just borrowed it in exchange for taking care of the two lovely Westies and discovering whether my inner cat person has a dog person to accompany her. The time seemed to tick away mercilessly when I got ready to hand to the house back over to its rightful owners. The dogs took their time during the morning walk, they had no rush encoded into their brains. I was consciously planning the rest of the day: get back, give the dogs their breakfast, go for that run, shove the cake into the oven, shower, do laundry, start the curry… What time were they supposed to arrive? It felt like I needed to bend time to get everything done. I did. Don’t know if the time bent itself for me or the planning was really efficient.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did manage to learn more about investing as I listened to a podcast when preparing the coming-home meal. Money wisdom increased and more hope to save up for the house!

2. Write AND publish a book.

In the afternoon, got a little panicky about the number of books I would need to read for the next day. The workshop had not yet happened, it was supposed to be the very first one and all I had was the module handbook which listed a whole lot of books without any page numbers. Read them all cover to cover? Oh no. It all resulted in me going to Cyncoed, getting to know the Cardiff Met library system and spending the evening reading. Did think a bit about they ways fiction works, but mostly was haunted by Angela Carter’s short story Bloody Chamber. Recognised the features of Bluebeard early on. This was much better than the original. Better than the fairy tale version. More personal, intimate, hitting me closer.

3. Win a major race.

A 12 km aerobic threshold race run. Moderate pace. Not slow. Not too fast. The pace 4.42 marked a new training PB for me. Getting faster, oh yes. The Nottingham half marathon lies ahead oh so soon. Will need that speed.

Photo of the Day


The pretty cheesecake I made for their homecoming. Blackberries from the local bushes!

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