Day 938: Mystery Shopping

I do love mystery shopping assignments. I started off with them when I last lived in the UK, which was 2011-12. I ate exciting food, pretended to be interested in buying a new computer, tested mattresses, played on slot machines, bought takeaway food… And now I am back. The concept of mystery shopping is simple: you act like a normal customer and buy a service/ask for information, sometimes also ask a hard question (why is this expensive?) at some point, and then later write a report about it. It is quite detailed, you need to notice what the staff says, the clothes they are wearing, how the location looks like, etc. At first, it might seem daunting, but you will get used to it. The costs are reimbursed, so it is possible to get a free meal! Plus, they also pay a small fee, such as £3-£5 per assignment. There are not very many assignments in my current area but could still find something! If you want to try it out too and you live in the UK, use my referral link to join. You do need to make some effort but it is lots of fun and helps to discover new places!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Got a free lunch while on a mystery shopping assignment = money saved. Now I can buy a lampshade. Maybe. Not the most expensive one! Continued listening to investment podcasts and thinking more about my investment structure and restructuring my portfolio.

2. Write AND publish a book.

This was the very first creative writing class at the Cardiff Met University. Genre fiction. Discussed the canon and genre fiction. Who decides the canon? Is there a divide between “literary” and genre fiction? Is there a hierarchy? I shall dig deeper into this topic in future posts… Excited! There’s also lots of work to do, lots of reading and writing. But that’s why I came to Cardiff in the first place. At first, it is a bit hard to get used to serious studying again after the summer and all.

3. Win a major race.

A short and easy run to recover from the weekend. Went well.

Photo of the Day


A delicious meal with long grain rice, mango curry and huge prawns!

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