Day 939: Welsh Weather

When the university staff was making jokes about the Welsh weather at the very first induction event, I thought: “Come on, how bad can it be?” I didn’t expect to be using that umbrella they put into our welcome package. But the same jokes that apply to English weather, apply to Welsh weather. It is the same (huge) island after all. However, the ever-changing weather is also something very Estonian. I wasn’t too much surprised when the rain broke out. But it didn’t change that much. It could rain for days and days. However, the dogs still wanted to go for a walk and were more than happy to roll in the towel afterwards…

On day 939, which was a long run Sunday, I did postpone the run a bit because it started to pour just when I was about to step outside. Oh, well, when I finally went it didn’t rain at all and even the wind had calmed down. All in all, it seems that I might need proper shoes that are not running shoes nor sandals and that I could wear with a dress. I did bring two dresses and one skirt!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Rest day at the work front. Did accept a small translation to be completed the next morning. And… spent the day listening to investment-related podcasts. Started with the older ones from 2015 and working my way up. Thought a lot about money matters and having savings for peace of mind.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spent hours writing the house sitting journal and eventually made it to the present day. These notes could turn into an awesome book one day!

3. Win a major race.

Long run Sunday, 20 km. A bit tired from the 5K park run from the day before but managed to run the 20 km, which included at least 2.5 km (12,5% of the route!) of ascent.

Photo of the Day


Spotted this place during my run and instantly wanted to visit! Later learned that it is quite expensive (£55 per person). However, does look like lots of fun. It is possible to tackle the whitewater course on a kayak or a raft.


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