Day 940: Park Run

The UK is full of wonderful free Saturday races, called park runs. They happen every Saturday morning 9am and are 5K races. Not serious competitions but still an option if you want to get a good speed workout. There will be all kinds of runners, likely also those that you could run along with. The day started with rain, had rain in its mid-point, and ended with rain. Rain all over the place. I wasn’t very enthusiastic to go when I woke up but told myself that often the rain looks worse from the inside of your home and it is quite fine once you get out. Well, it was quite wet outside and the temperature on the low side. But I survived, I did the run, I got a good workout. All those people were out there despite the weather: shivering under the trees before the start, making an effort for 5K while the rain continued to pour, walking back to their lives and homes which feel especially nice and warm afterwards. I got soaked. I froze. I couldn’t get any warmth inside my body. But I went. I swallowed my comfort and went. Sometimes it is necessary. The tiredness I had felt for a few days has started to lift. This might be just what I needed. Meanwhile, in Estonia, my running club participated in the Ekiden championship, a marathon relay which means that a total of 6 runners have divided the distance between themselves. Instead of running the marathon, everyone runs a 5K or 10K or 7.2 km in case of the last person. My husband got a decent 10K in, slightly under 33 minutes. Ran mostly alone as it is with those relay races. His team won the bronze medal.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Continued to listen to investing podcasts to educate myself in the topic of making money. Cannot build a house without money. I am not one of those people who would build a house out of dumping ground materials. That house would not survive Estonian winter.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Continued with the house sitting diary and started reading a new book as well. Mari Strachan’s The Earth Hums in B Flat, an acknowledged debut from the year 2009, popular on Amazon and recognised by Waterstone bookshop. Not far enough to be captivated. Let’s wait and see. I do love it when books captivate me as long as I do manage to sleep as well! During my 3 months in the UK, I shall be in various house sits and will hopefully see loads of different kinds of books.

3. Win a major race.

Well, I did the local park run. 5K. Not the best finish time, but 21 minutes or so will have to do. It was SO cold. I am proud of myself! + I also ran to the bus stop and from the bus stop in Cardiff to the start.. so, a total of 14 km. Great.

Photo of the Day


Was thinking of uploading a photo from the park run but instead chose one taken in Estonia. My amazing friends in positions II and III (including my husband). Their achievement is much more magnificent than mine today. This was the very last national championships running event this year. Miss them all and would have loved to be there too! Go Sparta!


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