Day 941: Why do I Invest?

The question is not why I invest but why I did not start it earlier. I comfort myself that at least I am doing this now while I am still young-ish, 30. The thing with investing is that the sooner you start, the better because the money will grow and grow and at one point the passive income could cover your expenses and – voila! – financial freedom. This does not mean that I never want to work again. No. But I do want to not to worry about where the money comes from. I want to work on my passion, which is writing. At first, it might not generate income itself so passive income is much needed. I want this freedom, I want to be creative. One day, I – no, we, me and my husband as a team – will achieve it! This day might be sooner than I expect now. Currently, the passive monthly income of about EUR30 does not cover much anything but it is more than nothing. I do not use it though, but re-invest. Letting the compound itnerest eventually work its magic!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some work, sent out some invoices and reminders, and checked my investments, so dealt with money matters. Also listened to some investing-related podcasts to learn more about investing and maybe try a new type of investment or two. Let the money grow!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did quite a lot of writing in the house sitting diary. Managed to write about a few days’ worth of experiences at my very first house sit. What house sit? Join the Trusted Housesitters and learn how to live for free in other people’s houses while taking care of their pets. I think it is such a fascinating opportunity that I do need to write down all my experiences (still in the middle of my very first sit but interesting ones yet to come!). Also, I managed to finish a 500-page book which eventually started growing on me. Karin Slaughter’s The Good Daughter. Somehow I expected that outcome, at least part of it but the book did get better as I read on. Not my favourite though. Maggie O’Farrell writes the best ones (not thrillers!). I think, The Hand that First Held Mine is quite amazing, among others.

3. Win a major race.

Tried to wait for the perfect moment before embarking on my one-hour moderate-paced run but there is no way hiding from the rain. I did get a bit wet, fortunately not soaking. Ran towards Sully this time and discovered the wonderful Cosmeston Lakes. Will definitely do my long run there!! Amazing! So many lanes, gorgeous lakes, endless roads. At least seemed so. All in all, the run felt great. Maybe it’s because I got quite a lot of sunshine too.

Photo of the Day

Rain and sun and rain. Changing weather. The morning was beautiful.

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