Day 943: Voices in My Head

I am not going crazy. That’s what I keep telling myself. Hearing voices in your head is not necessarily a sign of madness lurking around the next corner, it could also simply mean that you have a creative writer’s mind like I do. In the recent days, I have been hearing some sentences in my head. Some voices. These are potential characters speaking to me, waiting to come into life. Waiting for me to create them flesh and blood bodies. They are speaking to me in English, mostly. This could be because I am currently in the UK and when I am in such a language environment, especially when alone like now, I start thinking in English. Funny sentences keep waltzing in my brain. For the last few days, it has mostly been “Has he been weeing all right?” over and over again. Something that the dog owners’ son asked when he came to see the dogs (one of them had a paw operation and needs to wear a collar so he would stop licking the paw). I cannot get it out! I don’t know where to put this sentence. In what kind of story should it live its own life? No idea as of yet. This particular sentence has that guy’s voice but most other sentences sound like… my own voice? Today, I started to wonder if the voice that I hear in my head is the same that other people hear when I speak. When I listen to my voice from a recording, it sounds odd and awful. It sounds different from the one in my head. Where’s the truth?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Yes, did work to earn money and also checked my investments in various crowdfunding portals. Everything working as it should. Was also thinking about how I need to buy some IPOs. Soon will get the very first transaction done. Soon. Oh, I also went to the Freshers’ Fayre to see a bunch of 20-year-olds get excited about free stuff and party opportunities. Just for fun, participated in some of the free draws and won Domino’s Pizza “Feed the Flat” meal = 2 medium pizzas, 1 garlic bread, potato wedges, and a soft drink. This amount of food should cover two days for me and I can eat a healthy salad as a side at home. So, money saved on food, yeah!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Not so good on the writing front but making progress with reading Karin Slaughter’s The Good Daughter. Oh, actually, I did write one Sportlio post (athlete’s profile) and finally created the post about accommodation in the UK for my Introvestor blog. I had been intending to write those for a while now. This is done. Meaning that tomorrow I have no excuses to postpone the “real writing”.

3. Win a major race.

Today was a bit harder than the previous days. 8x2min speedwork, which virtually meant 8x500m. Well, done. It was super windy and the uphill parts were a nightmare, but I think I did a good job. Did manage to keep the 4.00 pace and sometimes even 3.55. Good shape, good shape. Later, I took the bike to the Cyncoed Campus Freshers’ Fayre. A total of 26 km. Phew. It’s not so easy with such a flimsy bike that is also small for me. But I don’t really feel like using 2 different buses that would take me the same amount of time. Come on, it’s only 13 km! The buses have something like 41 stops in total. Ugh. The cycling will make me so strong because there are lots of uphill parts that make my quads hurt.

Photo of the Day

Windy Wales, halfway there, on the road to university. A voice in my head told me that “Wendy Wales” could be a cool character name in a story. I think it was the Wendy Wales character herself who was talking to me in my head for a while. What is the story of Wendy Wales? Who is she? What does she dream about? Will I find out? Google search indicated that people with such a name do exist. But no, they are not my Wendy Wales. I am yet to discover her.

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