Day 944: Cooking for One

As I am house sitting in the UK and my husband is back home guarding the fort with our two cats until mid-October, then he will join me, I need to cook for one. I am not used to it. Usually, I (he also cooks) cook for the two of us and keep my fingers crossed that some of the leftovers can be taken to work the next day. But… typically he eats it all. Now I am cooking just for myself, the dogs live on their Pedigree stuff and the tin meat. I make too much food! Eating the leftovers the next day and maybe even a day after that does work. I am sometimes fed up with the same meal but still try to change it a bit. For instance, first I cooked a pot of curry: potato, kale, carrot, onion, garlic, minced meat, turmeric, etc. Once, I ate just as it was. Another time, I mixed it with rice. The third time, I stirred in some coconut milk and added more spices. Then there was this Mediterranean one-pot meal: fish, tomato chunks, Italian herbs, carrots, sweet potato, kale (again)… First, I ate it like a soup. The second time, I reduced it and added some pasta. However, I do need to learn how to cook for one if I want to have some more variety and eat the freshest food possible. Although… I have been tired because of the stuffy nose and it was great to have a nutritious meal waiting for me in the fridge, just waiting to be heated. I have bought lots of vegetables and cannot wait to try something new now that I have finished eating up my one-pot wonders. Any great asparagus recipes, anyone?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did the boring (but all the more necessary) bit: worked and earned money. I also found myself thinking about our piece of land and about getting a car and actually building that damn house. We shall start next year. Until then, need to earn and learn.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Read. Again. Still The Good Daughter. This will take some time to finish as it is over 500 pages long. I do hope I will learn something from it. Get some ideas. As long as I don’t spend too much time reading it instead of actually writing my own stuff. Haven’t touched my house sitters diary. Should do it. Really should. I have sentences wandering around my head. Sentences that need to be written down or else they will disappear.

3. Win a major race.

A 1-hour easy kind of run but not as slow as the day before. Although my legs felt rather heavy at the beginning (possibly because of the bike rides of the two previous days), I started feeling pretty good in the second half. It was an out and back kind of run and I turned back when I had reached 30 minutes. The second half was faster. Mind you, it was not a flat landscape, ups and downs on the Wales Coastal Path. I will be so strong once I get used to this place!

Photo of the Day


Went for a walk in the evening to capture the sunset. Didn’t really see the sun, but the sky was beautiful anyway. The Penarth pier.

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