Day 945: Get on Track

I must admit that I rarely write the progress report posts for each day on the correct day. Well, I write a bunch of them in a row, like I am writing 2 right now (yesterday+today), so the last one is written on the right day. The worst that I have had was writing a week’s worth of posts on one day. This should not happen. Not. I should truly reflect back in the same evening and think about the day. I do need to look back and think if I did anything useful to achieve these 3 major goals. I mean, really think, not just automatically write things like “did some work, earned money for the house” or “went for a run, yay, will now become a champion” or “read today, this helps me become a better writer”. This is bullshit. Or is it not? Are these small steps really that useful? Might be. But I do need to think about my day more deeply and keep this blog up. 2 posts in a row are actually quite good compared to some days! Maybe, just a day after I can really try this “1 post a day on the right day” thing. Let’s do it!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Made some money for the house as I translated a bit. That’s it. Sorry, there’s nothing more to it. Not now.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Spent at least two hours reading yet another book that I found from this house sitting place of mine. The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter. It is not as catching as The Dead Ex that I just finished and that still keeps haunting me because of its uniqueness and fresh ideas but I am still reading it. Books like this sometimes do not burst into action right away, they need to grow on you. This one is all about horrible childhood traumas, defence attorneys, family secrets, and the like. Let’s see where it will take me! And it is set in the US, not in the UK like the other book was.

Oh, besides reading I went to my course introduction at the Cyncoed Campus to meet the tutors and my fellow coursemates. Wow, just wow how friendly people are here! It was nothing like a formal course meeting, more like a bunch of friends getting together in a pub (but it was in a classroom). The programme director was a bubbly person, a real ball of joy. So happy to see us. I have a good feeling about this Creative Writing course. It will have to throw me back into writing.

3. Win a major race.

The run was a short and easy one but I still felt a bit sick. The running nose had entered a new stage: not dripping anymore, but full of phlegm. Yuck. I kept wanting to blow my nose throughout the 30-minute run. So much stuff inside it! I felt pretty tired afterwards. But… I needed to go to the university (see the previous point) and I didn’t really want to take 2 buses. 13 km on a bike or by bus? On a bike, I managed to get there in almost an hour, the buses would have taken longer as they stop on every corner… There and back meant a total of 26 km. Up the hills, down the hills. It wasn’t the easiest route and I kept checking my phone for Google Maps directions. But I got there. And got back. In the dark. The old railway track, which is part of my journey, doesn’t have any proper lighting. I drove in the dark. Just kept going forward and forward and hoping to reach my destination. I did. Without falling over. So, a good exercise!

Photo of the Day

Khm. Sorry about the toilet photo but have you ever seen toilet paper up there? That was a new one for me. Cardiff Met, Cyncoed Campus.

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