Day 946: Freelance Life

Day 946, September 16, Sunday. The weekend doesn’t necessarily mean that I rest. As a runner, the weekend is the time when I do some of the hardest training. On a normal week: some long intervals (1K/2K fast, etc.) on Saturday and a long run on Sunday. Sometimes, I also work during weekends if I have a deadline approaching. I am something like a freelancer but not quite. I have a freelance schedule but the all the money comes into the company and I pay myself like I would pay to an employee. Such life has its benefits, mainly being the boss of your own time and having a really flexible schedule. But… it also means carrying work with me everywhere. I did work during the March training camp in Portugal where everybody else was simply training and resting. The thing is… as a business owner I only get paid when I do something. No such thing like a paid vacation so I have to make the effort myself. I have started investing so soon there should be a bit more passive income. Well, there is some already but one cannot get far with a passive income of EUR40 per month. It will grow, it will grow and then it’s financial freedom!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Still not a working day, so no money earned for the house. However, walked the high street of Cardiff, even went into Primark but didn’t spend too much (£11.50 for socks, tights and a sweater). Sometimes, not spending is also a good thing when trying to collect money for something big.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Finished Jane Corry’s The Dead Ex. Quite unexpected twists in the end! That’s what makes a good book. Or, at least a good mystery/thriller book. These seem to be trendy right now. This one included quite interesting details about the work of prison officers, aromatherapy, epilepsy, foster care… yes, it is all in one book. I kept thinking: how the hell did she think of putting such things together? It was unique and refreshing, recommend the book!

3. Win a major race.

A long run, 15 km. I had devised a great plan to run the Cardiff Bay circuit which is 10K but managed to lose my way a bit. Not the best pace but did it even with the hilly parts. Later, had to go back to the university once more. As the buses do not go very often and it is only 10K away, I decided to go by bike. Got soaking wet on the way and was very tired in the end but managed to ride 23 km. Stuff like this makes one stronger.

Photo of the Day

Part of my run. Did run up that one. Happy days. Funny, while I was choosing a photo for the day, Running Up that Hill was playing on TV as a film soundtrack. A subconscious choice?

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