Day 947: Babysitters for Adults

Day 947, September 15, Saturday. I attended the induction for international students. Well, there was some helpful information but overall I thought that I really didn’t need all this. I do not argue that most of the students there needed to hear all this, needed to be comforted that they are not alone, needed the encouragement. As a postgraduate student, doing my second round of Masters, I don’t feel that I need much guidance. I am an independent married woman in her 30s after all! I have lived in the UK before. I have, mind you, entered a university in the UK and graduated from it. I don’t mind living abroad. I am not afraid of being alone, although I miss my husband and cannot wait for him to join me. In the last 4 years, we haven’t been much apart. 5 days must be the record – this shall soon be beaten. I manage well on my own. As an introvert, I strive in loneliness. This is when I am at my most creative. I like to find things out myself. I even love this. That’s why I’m a pretty good Google researcher and always plan my own trips in detail. However, I do understand that not everyone is like this and it is fine to be confused, especially if you are away from home. This induction still felt a bit too much and a bit too long for me. Talking to the other students was kind of nice but I grew weary at some point. They were all much younger than me. Undergraduates, some postgraduates. Obviously, we have different interests in life. All this student life and parties – not for me. What I care about, is running. And I am here to study. To build a career. To write books about writing books. I want to make a future out of it. And considering that I first entered university 10 years ago in 2008 (no uni in 2012-2017 but attended massage courses, studied nutrition, etc.), I am no novice.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

No work done. Took a break. But did write loads of blog posts in the evening to get back on track.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Well, went for the university induction, so one step closer to the creative writing studies that will start on September 24. Did write bits and pieces into the house sitting notebook during the induction because I really didn’t need information about how to open a bank account or what to expect from Welsh weather.

3. Win a major race.

Tried speedwork for the first time after the marathon. 8×1 minutes fast. Went quite well, although the stuffy nose held me back a bit. In the morning, I walked by a Parkrun race in Cardiff. All those people at different levels doing their 5K. Wow, I didn’t know I could get so emotional about watching people running. I even felt like crying. How I wanted to be running there myself! But it was too soon after the marathon and the stuffy nose wore me out, so I decided against it. Soon. Yes, soon. The UK park runs look amazing. They are for free and happening all over the country. And all the volunteers standing by the road and cheering people on and giving instructions? Wow, that’s what I call good organising! There’s no way to go wrong.

Photo of the Day

A shot from the park run. I did consider adding a photo of the university but the run made a greater impression on me.

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