Day 948: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Day 948, September 14, a Friday. In the evening, I went looking for that Tesco Superstore we have here, in Penarth. It was supposed to be 3.5 km away. Not the shortest walk, but doable, especially with comfortable running shoes on. That’s the kind of distance I am happily ready to walk. The morning run was an easy one after all so I had loads of energy left. Or actually not. The hostel in London where I had to sleep with the window open left me with a sore throat that transformed into a really stuffy nose. It kept dripping and dripping and made me feel very tired. Still, it felt good being outside so I went.

A superstore, right? Oh yes. This means that there were loads of shelves I wanted to check out. I easily get distracted in a supermarket because I love buying food. All the new stuff amazed me. So many great things. So many different kinds of nut butter and fruit-nut bars. Wow. Shopping for groceries is much better than shopping for clothes. Of course, it had got dark once I got out. There were some hints of the sun but the night was kicking in, demanding its rightful time to rule over the world. Most of the streets were lit but the railway walk was a rather dim one. In daylight, it seems like the most pleasant place to be. In the dark, you start getting doubts. What’s behind that curve or bend? What was that noise in the bushes? When will I see the next house? In fact, it is not the dark itself that people are afraid of but the things/creatures it could hide. Where are those things during the daytime? Probably in the same place but then there seems to be no reason to worry. I am not genuinely afraid of the dark but I do like to see where I am going and I am much more at ease at daytime.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

One reason I got out so late was that I was working on loads of translations (=money for the house) the entire day. I do remember stating that I didn’t want to do them any longer. Maybe next week I shall finally do the things that I really like. If I don’t pay attention to them, I shall never turn them into money-making ventures.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Bought a notebook from Tesco. This is where I shall keep my house sitting adventures diary which one day will turn into a book.

3. Win a major race.

Easy run, post-marathon mode still on. Body somewhat weak because of the stuffy nose.

Photo of the Day


A serpentine hill/park on the way to Tesco. 350 metres. Could run uphill sprints there. Shared the photo with my trainer as well. I do hate the uphill stuff but that’s why I need this even more. This will make me stronger.

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