Day 950: 5%

First 50 days gone and what have I done? Written a bit. Worked maybe too much, doing things that I don’t really like but that bring in money. I am telling myself that soon I can step off that wagon and focus a bit on the things I really care about. Such as writing a recipe book with super pretty photos and loads of nutritional knowledge (I have trained as a nutrition specialist) and loading it to Amazon. Creating nutrition-related e-courses. Rebuilding our company to start off fresh next year. But it is easier said than done. Can I stop? I have started keeping a tab on the amount of turnover I create for the company by translating. I try to hit the EUR 1000 mark every month. Remember, this is not my salary. Merely the turnover that also needs to cover some costs. If I wanted to pay myself… taxes and stuff like this would reduce the amount. I have enough money in my bank account to cope so I don’t pay myself. Instead, we invest the money in the name of the company and pay ourselves next year in dividends. Why waste your money when you can grow your money?

I have written more than 50 pages of creative stuff. Something about my past. Something about my crazy Asian trip and finding myself. How the hell did I survive all this? I was in danger more than once. Looking back, there are some incredible events. There is sorrow. There is loneliness. There is a story to tell. I am doing this. I am writing it. And changing bits and pieces where I see fit.

Training? Well, in the first 50 days I have managed to reach a new half-marathon PB and a new marathon PB. I did repeat my 10K PB. Well, almost. I was 1 second slower this time. But the season is not over yet and I always hit the best times in October. So, better yet to come!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I spent my first day alone in the house sit walking the dogs, exploring the area a bit and working a lot. So, money, money. A step closer to the dream house. I also made mental notes about what I liked in the house where I am staying at. Might come handy once we start building our own. A conservatory that is nice and airy and warm when the sun’s out? Yes, please!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Still no creative writing but at least I have now near the place where I shall be doing my Erasmus in… creative writing.

3. Win a major race.

First easy run after the marathon. Just testing the legs. A sore throat gone, replaced with a stuffed nose. Ugh. Cannot breathe. But the jogging tracks are beautiful in the area and it’s possible to run along the edge of the cliff and enjoy the best of the Wales Coast path. Nice! And did I mention the blackberries that grow everywhere?

Photo of the Day


Welcome to blackberry heaven! Went for another jog in the evening (2 kilometres in total) just to pick the berries. And most of them are still not yet ready so I shall be enjoying them for a while.

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