Day 951: Meet the Dogs

A few posts ago I was raving about cats and how great they are. Well, I have decided to try and house sit my way through the three months of university. It is too expensive to rent a place and not many people want to rent out their places for such a short period anyhow. My very first house sitting task happened to be about dogs. I was a bit nervous about how we would get along but also excited to be house sitting. Living in a house all by myself and with all that space? Oh yes! The renting options were all about having a small room and sharing a kitchen. Nope. A house, please. With dogs. With great joy also comes responsibility. I met the first two dogs, West Highland white terriers who loved me from the first minute. Maybe they do love all people. Maybe. Such lovely little things. I felt that we could really get along. Some of the future house sits included cats, so there was going to be some balance after all! And my husband would be joining me in a month. A month. This could be quite a long time, considering that since getting together the longest we had been apart was… 5 days? In almost 4 years. Khm. We had really been together a lot as we have a family business. So, a month? Let’s see about that!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some quick work stuff in the morning at the hostel because I had a deadline to meet. I wasn’t feeling great because of a sore throat (window open at night) but had to get up and do it so I did.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Still not yet ready to get back on the creative stuff. This is not something I really like to do on a bus. Long ride from London to Cardiff (3.5 hours). However, I have written creative stuff on the bus when I was still going to Rakvere for my driving lessons. But in those cases I had already done some writing in a cafe and just wanted to continue on the bus.

3. Win a major race.

Still in recovery mode after the marathon. Did walk a bit with one of the dogs as the people I am house sitting for showed me around before going away.

Photo of the Day



My room during the house sit. Ensuite. Although I won’t be spending too much time there when I have the entire house.

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