Day 952: Goodbye Home

This was it. I was leaving. The day I had waited for since spring had arrived. Was I ready to leave? I had to, anyhow. I needed a change and I did want to go abroad to study creative writing. And I do think this is the last chance for me to go. We don’t have children yet so this is the best time before we finally settle down. You can travel with children too but it is a bit more complicated.

So, I set off, said goodbye to my husband and started the journey: a bus to Riga and then a plane to London, another bus to the city centre and then to the hostel for a night. I was weary after the long journey and because of the marathon the day before. I longed for a good night’s sleep in a proper bed. I did get it. The bed was great but the room too bright. I was sharing the room with 7 more people and the light was on. Well… happens if you book cheap accommodation. But the bed was really great and I can survive such things for one night.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Long hours on a bus to Riga. It was ridiculously cheap to fly from Riga (EUR 16) so I chose those option over flying from Tallinn (EUR 60-90). The bus ticket was EUR 18, so all in all still cheaper than flying from Tallinn. The Lux Express buses are very convenient anyhow and I could really work properly on the bus. Earned some money for the house.

2. Write AND publish some book.

There was a lot to translate so I didn’t get on with the creative stuff. On days like this when I’m genuinely tired (post-marathon body, ouch), I do feel it’s easier to just translate or do some other stuff that does not require too much creative thinking. Do stuff that is not art but handicraft. It is easier. And sometimes it gets me going and at the end of the day I am able to do some real writing as well.

3. Win a major race.

Obviously, after a marathon, I was in recovery mode. Which is also important! Ate some good food on the bus and “fine enough” meal at the Riga airport: steamed vegetables (not the freshest) and a smoothie.

Photo of the Day


On the bus to Riga. Work and entertainment.

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