Day 953: Marathon

The grand day of celebration. Several hours worth of celebration on the road. Somehow I didn’t feel super-special. A marathon? That I have trained for for a long time? Well, let’s do it! If a marathon is started in the right way, most of it feels easy. Marathon pace is easy when compared to the 5K pace which is har from the beginning. The longer the distance, the cleverer you need to be in the beginning. And the more time you have to think about life. Marathon is a great way to think about some hard stuff. It does, however, start easy. Like childhood (for most people, anyway) when you don’t have to worry about much and parents do everything for you. The second half of the marathon gets tougher, you need to face yourself, face the mistakes you might have made in the first half (like going too fast), take responsibility. The end part is the toughest as is the later part of life when your body might not be the same it used to be. You are tired, you might want to cuddle up and die. You are getting slower. But if you survive the hard part, you are rewarded with the finish line. In real life, the finish line could mean death. In a marathon, hopefully not and you can start planning the next run.

How did I do? Read the progress report to find out!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was the race day so obviously, I didn’t do any work that would earn money for the house. Nor did we visit the plot to cut the grass or something. After all, I was due to leave the country the next day.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing either. Too dead for anything.

3. Win a major race.

Well, I didn’t win but finished as the 239th person among 2,400 people which means I was in the first 10% of people. 21st woman. Could have been the 18th but I became a bit tired in the 2nd half and let others pass me. The start was quite optimistic. I was wondering when it would stop, when I would be tired. On the other hand, I was also imagining great finish times. Too great. If I had stuck to my original plan (finish time 3.15, pace 4.37), I would have probably lasted for longer. But… 4.30 seemed like such a great pace. Anyhow, a new PB with 6.5 minutes so not a disaster. 3:18:13. Could live with this. If I improve my PB 6 minutes every year, the magical 3-hour line is just 5 years away. Just? Well, yeah, I do have a long career as a runner ahead of me. However, I do wish to get there earlier. I need to if I am to fulfil this particular goal of my three major ones. So… Need to shed some weight and off we go!

Photo of the Day

It had to be a marathon photo. All still well, the first half.

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