Day 954: Almost

Day 954, September 8 was almost my race day. Emphasis on “my”. It was a race day for other people. For those who ran the 10K course. My husband, for instance. I had a lazy morning, a warm-up run, a successful visit to the local second-hand clothes sale (it’s a goldmine, but happens only once a month or so, lasting for only 2 hours!), doing laundry (stuff that I wanted to do a day before but couldn’t because I wasn’t home), meeting a friend before flying away for a while… Almost the race day. Almost. To be honest, I was nervous before the race started. It felt like I was about to race myself. I wanted him to do well. He hadn’t run a proper 10K for a while. We watched them race past in the beginning and in the end. The cobbles and the uphill finish didn’t seem very delightful, although it was great for the audience. All the tourists in the Old Town were probably watching and cheering. The cobblestone (800 m of this!) looked like something that might have resulted in not so great finish times. I was about to find out just a day later when going through the final kilometer of my marathon.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Didn’t work a bit. Intentionally. Saved my strength for the marathon. And it was a Saturday after all.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Saving my eyes for other things.

3. Win a major race.

Easy warm-up before the big race. All well, if we leave out the rib that wasn’t still quite not in its place. Received some more massage in the evening to fix this.

Photo of the Day

An interesting film on the TV. A man forced to live in a cat’s body. Lots of scenes with cats. Mjauki was rather interested in it!

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