Day 955: Men Can be Like Children

Let’s face it: I (we) have no children so I don’t really know how it feels like to raise them. However, a sentence heard at a wedding keeps haunting me. It’s something the party organiser told the bride: “You didn’t get yourself a husband today, you got yourself a big child to take care of!”. Well, mostly I don’t need to complain. My husband is fabulous. But… in some cases, men do need the help of their wives. They need to be taken care of. One person has to be the responsible adult in the relationship. This role can be taken by both the wife and the husband, depending greatly on the particular situation. Day 955, Friday before the marathon meant it was my turn to be the parent/adult (I do know that in some theories these are quite opposite and different roles, though). We had run out of massage table covers at work. I did look up places where he could buy them early in the morning. It could have been possible. But he didn’t want to go that early. But he wasn’t sure if he could make it to the salon on time. So, there I was with a big child (no offence!).

For me, there was no problem: if things need to get done, I simply do them. I go to places, I buy the stuff required, I wake up early, whatever (anything that fits with my introverted personality). If you want to get things done, you often need to do it yourself. This is how I think. Oh, well, I gave up my long awaited downtime day, my final “stay home the whole day and do sweet nothings” day as I had planned to go to Tallinn on Saturday to watch the 10K race. I went to Tallinn, rushed into the store just to learn that you need to be a registered client and a business owner to enter the store in the first place. No problem, signed the necessary papers, though I felt quite unbeautiful in front of those polished clerks… I had rushed out of the home, wearing random clothes and my hair unwashed. Not the best shape in which to turn up in a clean and trendy shop. I bought the roll of massage table covers and decided that we would order all our massage creams and similar stuff from there. It was a wholesale store, specially made for corporate clients. Fine by us. We are going to move our office to the same neighbourhood in January anyhow. At least something good came out of me sacrificing my day off work.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Some paperwork for our company. All in all, I felt quite tired. Would have worked better at home.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Quiet at the writing front.

3. Win a major race.

It was a rest day but I got quite a lot of steps in as the task of going to town and doing something for my husband meant walking and walking and walking. Later, we went to the race expo and received our bib numbers. Being there made me realise that something big was ahead on Sunday. The entire place was coming alive, the big race weekend started off with a 5K race for people under 29 years old. We, two old people, went home. I wasn’t feeling very well, something about a dislocated rib that made it hard to breathe. He tried to get it back in place and I also received some massage. The muscles around the shoulder blades were quite tense.

Photo of the Day

Received my race number. Ready, ready, ready. Not looking my best as I rushed out of the house and the day was quite hot as well.

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