Day 960: Trial of Patience

Probably everyone knows someone who is always late and who always seems to require more time for simple tasks than other people. I have one such friend who is an adorable and caring person but somehow manages to keep others waiting all the time. I prefer to do things as efficiently as possible and thus I also shower very quickly. I don’t see a point spending a lifetime under hot water, although it is nice sometimes. Life is waiting, there are so many other things to do. This friend, however, takes her time when showering, getting ready. It seems like a meditation. She does know how to enjoy life but after a long day in her company (+some other people) I was quite tired. We shared a car when we went to a race. Maybe I should have taken the bus, I would have been back home hours and hours earlier (4-5 hours…). Or maybe it was good to watch the time pass by and just let go of the constant need of rushing away. It did feel slightly claustrophobic as I hate to be the last one who leaves the race place once it’s all over and things have been already packed. It is better to leave while the “party” is still in its full glory. One of my biggest fears is being stuck. But… it was fun while we were not waiting for her. She is a kind and fun person. Somehow it also took an edge off the exam that is coming all too soon… If I could handle that long day, I could handle anything.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

I was planning to do some work when I get home in the afternoon. Got home in the evening, so was forced to work until late as the deadlines were in the next morning. That was annoying.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing. Good that I had Fitzgerald’s Racing Weight with me, at least something to read.

3. Win a major race.

Had big plans for that 10K: start bravely and last all the way to the end. Finishing time 41.35 merely meant that I repeated my PB. Meh. Well, 1 minute faster on this course when compared to the year before. Some progress. There was nothing wrong with me, just lacked a certain kick in my run. Could have been PMS. A few days before my period, I don’t run very well. Something holds me back, probably low progesterone levels. Oh, well.

Photo of the Day

I didn’t take any photos. My precious friend did but as usual, it takes time for her to actually send these photos. So, let’s be patient!

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