Day 961: Friends or Family?

Who is more important: friends or family? It might sound like a stupid question to ask but I am also throwing it here because I have been thinking about it, especially lately. And day 961, 1st September, was the day when I met my family members and introduced my husband to my grandmother who lives far away and hasn’t been around for several years. The family is people that you grow up with. At a certain point in our lives, we tend to spend more time with people we are not related to: friends. We need friends to develop, to become fully independent human beings. We need to break away from our parents to be able to live our own lives as responsible grown-ups and future parents ourselves. As a teenager, I was very eager to leave home and be on my own. Maybe it’s because of my broken family that I don’t have such strong family ties like my husband has with his family, a completely normal and loving family where marriage has lasted 40 years… We didn’t have anything like that. Our parents… were difficult, to say the least. Two people who were clearly not intended for each other but still tried. Sometimes you need to let go and break up. Probably it was too late for them, I came around, me, the “oops, we didn’t mean to do it” child. The well-known curse of the first child…

I confess that often I prefer my friends over family because I don’t feel close to the latter. They are blood relatives and they know my past and understand things that some friends don’t… but then again, they don’t understand anything. They don’t have the same hobbies that I have, that I share with my friends. They don’t know what competitive running feels like, for instance. Friends know and understand because they do the same things. I choose my friends carefully and, yes, change them depending on what kind of hobby is currently my favourite. Friends are like a support group that helps to push forward and forward and forward. The family might sometimes even hold one down…

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Met with some of my close family members. Discussed the house thing a bit but it is all undecided now. Probably cannot start anything before next year. Meanwhile, we could raise funds for the big project!

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing. Made some crispy spring rolls instead to share with my family. This was quite a meditation. Didn’t use my creativity much because spring rolls are becoming a second nature for me.

3. Win a major race.

Pre-race warm-up. All fine.

Photo of the Day

No photo. Although other people took some family group photos and we also looked at lots of photos (mostly bad composition shots that old people take, no offence).

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