Day 962: Conversations

I do get a lot of my ideas from my own head but sometimes a conversation (either as a participant or by overhearing) can spark a whole lot of ideas. This is what happened on day 962. A conversation that at first wandered on familiar territories suddenly took off and headed towards an unexpected direction. I paused and realised that there was something in that sentence, in that thought. I looked at it more closely… there was a book in it! Just waiting to be picked up and materialised = written. This could be my next great idea.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A tedious day when I got no work done because there was some other stuff to do. And that other stuff didn’t bring in any money. Oh, well, got to live with those days too.

2. Write AND publish a book.

After having given up on the contest deadline a day before, I didn’t write a word. Not a single one. I did use my creative mind to come up with a slightly altered version of the sweet potato brownies that I love so much. This time, with coconut flakes (made into something like peanut butter), no avocado and carob instead of cocoa. These were a hit in the evening gathering. Stop. I did write. It was almost midnight when we had returned from the running club outing. During one conversation, a new idea for a book had sparked. I wrote it down into my notebook and elaborated a bit. It is great to have an overall idea, a theme but you also need individual characters on whom to build the story, who would reflect that world you are creating. I invented those characters. Now… must finish the old story first and then on to that exciting new project! Science fiction, something in Kurt Vonnegut’s style.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run but this time it really was easy. My legs didn’t feel heavy anymore. Good shape! + received a sports massage.

Photo of the Day


My fabulous carob brownies are also in this picture with the rest of the food that people brought to the outing.

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