Day 963: Must Love Cats!

Honestly, I do not imagine my life without cats. I have had a cat in the family since I was 10. Sadly, our first cat Nurru disappeared when she was 6 years old. Then we lost another 2… When younger, we always took the cats to the summer cottage and let them wander around. This didn’t end well, now we are cleverer. Currently, I have had one cat for 9 years already and another for 6 years (she’s 7 years old, a rescue cat who used to live on the street). I love my two black cats and would never part with them. Fortunately, we live in our own apartment, but even when we were renting, we didn’t even think of giving the cats away. They are such amazing creatures with a mind of their own. So independent and graceful. And both of them have their own distinct personalities.

Miu wants to come across as a fully independent feline. She is very curious and doesn’t think twice about it when she wants to do something or go somewhere. At other times, she does love cuddles but can change her mind quickly. At 9 years old, she is still playful and because of her small size, people often mistake her for a kitten. Mjauki is a timid cat, who is still curious. She likes to explore things when no one is watching and she follows Miu around (Miu doesn’t like this). Oddly enough, Mjauki is the loud one who “talks” a lot. She has her own peculiar sounds that she makes. She cannot look you in the eye (she will run away) but she likes to come very close when we sit on the sofa or when we are in the bed (a human lying down = a safe human). She comes and asks loudly for cuddles. And the purring… also super loud.

They are our family members and we allow them everywhere. I don’t understand why some people keep their pets in a limited space and restrict their movement. I love it when the cats wander around and do quirky things. Oh yes, they do destroy the furniture a bit and we don’t have much wallpaper at home (painted walls are a safer option) because of them but they are simply adorable, so we always forgive them.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Translated a bit and gave one massage. Money, money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Lots of heavy writing but managed only 9 pages. By the end of the day, I had decided to give up on the deadline (which was 1 September) and write the book more slowly to produce a better quality story. There will be other competitions and I shall be ready to hit them hard with my manuscript(s)! Will continue writing and will keep trying.

3. Win a major race.

The training that day was hard because I felt a bit tired. Still did it! The 45-minute tempo run and the drills with others. Huh, done!

Photo of the Day


Wrong day but it had to be a cat photo!

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