Day 964: Birthday Wishes

How often do you write a quite automatic “happy birthday” on social media to someone you barely know? I tend to avoid such empty congratulations. I even think that it is better not to type this boring wish. On my own birthday, I prefer to receive personalised congratulations. In fact, my friends cannot post on my timeline on Facebook, they have to approach me personally, actually write to me. At one point, I simply got tired of hundreds of “happy birthdays”. I do not post too many birthday wishes myself. If it is someone I don’t know that well, I pass. No harm done. Would they even notice? I wouldn’t, I don’t really care which one of my acquaintances remembers me on my birthday. I have better things to do. All in all, I quite prefer being left alone on my birthday. I guess it’s an introvert thing. Sometimes I even turn off my phone because I really-really don’t like phone calls. The fact that I have a birthday seems to give people a reason to disturb my peace. Yes, I hate calls that much. Or even more. Anyhow, day 964, 29 August was my husband’s birthday. He turned 33. Still looks young, however.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

One massage. Calculated how much turnover I have created this month. Achieved the goal I had in mind, so the company is quite well off. Issued some invoices to customers. Checked my investment accounts and made some slight changes + added relevant referral links to this blog (see the right sidebar).

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote a little and then some more. Getting there slowly. In addition, had some ideas for useful e-books. Why the hell not? I could transform my nutrition training’s research into a great book that includes a 3-week menu for runners. I made so much effort with this thing 2 years ago, I could turn it into something much bigger. Need some new food photos and some more supporting studies, but this could be a really interesting process. But first, need to finish my creative fiction stuff.

3. Win a major race.

Easy 10K. A bit hard because I had a long run and a speedwork training behind me, so legs were heavy + stomach too full. The coach stopped by the office to congratulate my husband and check on one of his students who happened to be in therapy with him. He brought me a true old-school book “Recovery in Sport”. Lots of fun. It as written in 1976. Even the recommended daily menus were quite hilarious, for example, breakfast: milk-noodle soup, 2 eggs, sandwich with boiled meat and root vegetables (???), apples, white bread, marmalade, cocoa. I don’t know if this book sparked an interest in writing my own runners’ cookbook but I do believe that focusing more on sports nutrition in the future shall also help me on my journey as an athlete.

Photo of the Day


We had a small picnic in the Old Town, eating a stir fry with rice noodles that I made earlier in our office kitchen. Afterwards, we went for a slice of cake in this courtyard. There’s a somewhat hidden cafeteria Pierre. It’s full of chocolate! I had a really dense cake, which was even slightly bitter and super filling. The thing I most like about this place is that it is a secret place. You need to make some effort to find it! I remember that once I visited it with friends and then tried to find it again later but couldn’t! And… years later I just stumbled upon it again.


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