Day 965: Stupid Little Things

I love it when good new ideas jump inside my head. Yes, let them come and invade me! But you cannot always choose what comes to haunt you. It could be something utterly insignificant as well. Something completely useless. On day 965, 28 August, I got on a bus to drive to Tallinn after my driving lesson in Rakvere. It was 1 pm, I had woken up around 6.50 am, taken the 7.35 am train and spent quite a lot of time in Rakvere already. I was tired. I did intend to write a bit on this 1.5-hour bus journey but wanted to “relax” a bit first. Obviously, I should have just shut my eyes for 10 minutes, but I got out my phone instead, clicked a stupid link on Facebook which led to one thing and then another and suddenly I was reading all about online jobs that don’t even pay well and creating accounts on survey sites. I don’t really need this. Getting rich by answering surveys is not easy, it is tedious. Boring. And I know that. Still, I got sucked into it because this stupid little idea got inside my head and really stuck there. Must develop a strategy to fight such things off! Simply a waste of time.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Another driving lesson all the way in Rakvere (50 minutes by train) because I really need to get this done and start driving already! Life would be much easier! Just think of all the time we wasted on Saturday and Sunday when we went to get the brush cutter from the store… difficult weekend bus schedules made the days really long.

2. Write AND publish a book.

While I wasn’t wasting time online, I actually wrote. A lot. Quite proud of myself. But didn’t hit the mark I intended to. Why not? Why cannot I keep the promises I keep making to myself? Because it is so easy to let yourself down?

3. Win a major race.

Evening workout with my running club. Hilly landscape in the forest, 5x speedwork, distance about 850 metres. Quite difficult, my legs were still tired from the day before when I ran 25 km. But I did it. I survived. Usually, the workouts are not in that order but sometimes you just have to do it that way.

Photo of the Day


Example of “genius” parking. These guys were sitting in the car and talking when I went for a quick lunch before my bus and they were still there when I went to the bus station. So… at least 30 minutes. You are not allowed to park 5 metres before the pedestrian walk! I am not good at assessing distances visually, but they are not 5m away from it. Really not.

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