Day 966: Try Again

When something does not work as it is supposed to, you shouldn’t give up. Surrendering should not be the first option. Well, if it has been gone wrong for more than 5 times, then maybe it is time to abandon the project altogether. Maybe. Or maybe you need a fresh angle to approach it from. Anyhow, giving something up after just one try is not the best road towards success. This might still work. Yes. After 12 years of driving lessons (not 12 years in a row though!), I might finally end this thing and get my licence. I started too young and gave up once I had failed 3 times. I started again at the end of 2016, gave up in March 2017 and am now doing it for the third time: started in January this year and now approaching the finish line. I do hope I won’t stumble before the line, that I pass it alive. How hard can driving be? I’m not that dumb or unteachable. I can drive. I must believe in myself and simply do it. There was yet another thing I tried again on day 966, which was 27 August, Monday. Read on!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Yet another (one of the last ones) driving lesson, getting me closer to owning and driving a car, which makes building a house much easier – going to the construction store, carrying stuff to the site, etc. I am tired of being a camel and carrying everything everywhere.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Yes, I wrote. A bit anxious about the deadline, but need to push forward.

3. Win a major race.

I failed my long run on Saturday, so had to try again. Discussed the training plan with my coach and decided to try and see how it would go. I did have the freedom to do an 8-10 km easy run instead in case the long run failed but I didn’t fail this time. Around 2/3 into the run, it started to rain. A lot. I was soaking wet in less than a minute but had to push forward. The rain stopped after 4 km, so the end was pleasant. A good long run does make me feel good! I wasn’t sure if I would when I started it because the day had been long and I normally do not go for long runs around 5pm. But it worked out great! Happy!

Photo of the Day


Pizza with a rye base and lots of salad.

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