Day 967: Things Take Time

Day 967, Sunday, 26 August started with enthusiasm. Seemed like an easy task: remove the brush cutter parts from the boxes, put it together, and off we go! No. In real life, things take time and it is always a good idea to plan some more time when putting things together. Should have learned it last year when we were assembling furniture. The instructions are not always the clearest and assembling something can be a real nightmare. My husband spent around 2 hours on our bedroom floor with that damn cutter. And then we decided that we did need to take the train to town because our local hardware store was closed and we needed safety glasses. Loooong day!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Finally went back to our plot and did something. Once the brush cutter had been assembled, we had bought the safety glasses and an oil canister and I had been to the gas station for my first ever filling (and this happened to be something else than a car!), we were ready. Some more struggles with the instructions on the spot and finally the mowing-cutting process started! Afterwards, the place looked much cleaner and we had a better picture of the whole area. There is still much work to do and so little time before we leave Estonia. Oh, well, things take time.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Yes, did write a bit in the evening, but not enough to feel satisfied. Tired. Working with the rake strained my lower back.

3. Win a major race.

Wasn’t supposed to run, but jogged to the train stop and then to the hardware store and then back to the train stop. 5 km in total and felt slightly better than on the disastrous day before. So, it must have been the almonds!

Photo of the Day

Before and after photos of our land! Noticeable change.

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