Day 968: Food Intolerance is a Serious Issue

I tested myself for food intolerance 2 years ago while studying nutrition. The results weren’t that bad, at least when compared with those of my husband’s. He has much more things he is not supposed to eat, while I would be better off avoiding banana, apple, peas, green beans, and almonds. I did notice already before that peas are not the best thing for me and apples have also upset my stomach. I have also avoided almonds, but didn’t know how awful it was until day 968…

Food intolerance is not like allergy, in case of which you get an instant reaction and could suffocate, etc. Intolerance symptoms are much sneakier and you might not always notice them or associate them with food. My husband who removed many foods from his menu and tries to rotate those for which he has moderate intolerance says that he feels much better and his performance has improved. It turned out that the cake at the wedding the evening before was made with almond flour. My friend whose wedding it was cannot eat gluten, so it was good for her and good for my husband who cannot eat wheat… but for me it was a disaster. The race went awfully wrong and I wished more than once just to lie down in the middle of the road and die. Such a horrible feeling inside. Could it have been almonds? Might be.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

After the race, went to the shopping centre where we received our brush cutter. Success! It was a logistical nightmare because we don’t have a car and not all buses were in operation during the weekend. But we did it! Afterwards, bought some engine oil from the gas station as well.

2. Write AND publish a book.

I was kind of depressed and tired after the race turned out to be a disaster, so wrote only very little.

3. Win a major race.

Not good. Real disaster. The race itself was a bit less than 14 km and I had to run another 14 km, so all this would count as a long run. Already during my long-long warm-up (managed to do 8 km), I didn’t feel so good. My stomach was turning and the pace was not great + heart rate up. Damn those almonds. During the race, I became slower and slower and wanted to die when the last leg started: an eternity (something like 2.5 km) of hilly landscapes in the forest, up and down, up and down. I am amazed that I didn’t collapse. Once over the finish line, I somehow stumbled into my running club’s tent and hit the grass. I didn’t get up until the world wasn’t turning anymore. Tried to run a bit more afterwards, but managed to do only 1 km. Some good news, too: my husband who has quite successfully been avoiding his intolerant foods finished 4th. The competition was rather tough, so good for him. Much needed for his self-confidence!

Photo of the Day


Somebody had to save our family’s name! Good job!

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