Day 969: Wedding!

Let’s talk about friendship now. Don’t worry, I shall get to the wedding part soon. During different periods in your life, you may need to surround yourself with different kinds of friends. If you change, take up a new hobby, the old friends might not fully understand or support you. They might still love you and you could adore them to death, but you may need other people, new people to push forward towards your goals. Once your goals change, you could then require different kinds of friends again. I speak from my personal experience when I say that it is really hard to find someone who would follow you in all the crazy adventures. People are different, they like different things. Currently, I’m inclining strongly towards my running friends, they are my favourite people.

But… there are some friends who stay with you from your childhood or teenage years. For me, these are four fabulous girls who went to school with me, two from primary school, one added in 6th grade (basic school), one in 10th grade (high school). We try and meet from time to time, although we all lead different kinds of lives and do not have too many hobbies in common. Given how quickly I change my hobbies, it would be hard to keep up with me anyway!! However, they know my past, they know where I come from. I can tell them about things that I would not discuss with my newer friends. They know my family.

Day 969, 24 August was special because one of such special old friends got married! Even though we don’t meet as often as I meet with my running friends (because we have group workouts, duh), we share a special connection and when I had my own wedding 2 years ago, they were the first people I wanted to invite. I didn’t doubt it at all.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

It was a wedding day where we also squeezed in an easy 30 minutes run, so I didn’t work at all. We did make some plans for Sunday because I got a text saying that the brush cutter had arrived and was waiting to be picked up.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Not too much time for writing, but the last evening had been very fruitful in terms of writing. While I was preparing myself for the wedding, I did open my laptop and wrote a few sentences because I just had to! This is a good sign, this is a good mindset!

3. Win a major race.

30 minutes easy run. Not as great as day before, felt awkwardly tired. Because of going for a run before breakfast? Not a good sign…

Photo of the Day


It is such a cool wedding photo. It is hard to recognise anyone, but it is a good thing actually. I know that it is not very polite to post photos of the groom and bride before they do it themselves! So, instead we have this. It is a tradition to tie a ribbon around a post that has a stork’s nest on the top. The number of knots that you make in the ribbon presents the number of children you want. And the stork is supposed to bring the children. Another option: you could find your baby from underneath a cabbage leaf.

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