Day 970: Sitting Kills

Probably everyone has heard that sitting is the new smoking, meaning that sitting kills. Standing up too much could kill you too, but sitting is the root of all evil in our modern society. A study stated that sitting could kill you even if you did exercise regularly. How come? Well, you may do your 1-hour workout and feel really proud of yourself afterwards, but if the rest of your day consists of polishing the chair with your buttocks, then this sweating routine might not save you after all. You should get up every 30 minutes if you want to prevent early death. Besides staying alive, I believe it boosts the productivity as well because I personally feel much better once I have moved around a bit. At home office, I tend to sit more than at the real office where the kitchen is further away and a toilet break also requires a small walk. At home… I work in the kitchen.

Day 970, 23 August was a true sitting day. Early wake-up, 7.35 train to Rakvere (50 minutes), working at a cafe (computer stuff) for a few hours (2 hours), driving lesson (1 hour 40 minutes), bus to Tallinn (1,5 hours), another bus to my small hometown Haapsalu (1,5 hours)… 7,5 hours of sitting. At least! And this was uninterrupted sitting where I simply couldn’t stand up and walk around (how about “let’s stop the car here in the middle of the traffic because my 30 minutes is up and I need to stretch”), except in the cafe or, theoretically, also on the train and bus… In the end, I was so sick of sitting that I couldn’t wait for my 45-minute easy run. Sitting did not rejuvenate me, did not recharge me, but instead made me feel dull, like really dull, and sleepy. Sometimes when I exercise after a long day of sitting, I also feel like I have no energy and would rather prefer to skip the workout (which I very-very rarely do!). But as soon as I start moving, the fatigue vanishes. The secret to more energy: move!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Received an e-mail that the trimmer and two spades I ordered have been packed and should soon arrive at the store where I can collect them. Looks like Sunday is going to be fun. Also, went to my driving lesson (3 more to go and then it’s exam time!), trying to make building a house easier (just try and move building materials and other similar stuff around without a car). Worked a bit on various translations, i.e. made money. Oh, sometimes I wish that the “moneymaker” job really existed. When we were small, my sister’s barbies worked as moneymakers. Easy job: go to a machine, press a button, and money comes + you can keep all of it!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Did write my creative stuff on the bus and got on with it quite a bit. Had a moment when I hated it, but only slightly. All premises to get the ball rolling are there.

3. Win a major race.

45 minutes easy run in my hometown. Relaxing! I thought I was drop dead tired, but the run proved me otherwise. Moving your ass really does boost energy! Sometimes you just need to go and try!

Photo of the Day


The only photo I took that day. Not my usual unflavoured yoghurt + berries+ chia seeds + unflavoured sugar-free cereal type of breakfast but I felt like pancakes and had to buy something if I wanted to spend a long morning in the cafe while waiting for my driving lesson.

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