Day 971: Weigh Yourself

Weigh yourself. Weigh your options. Weigh your goals. Weigh the people around you – do they let you grow, do they make you a better person? Surround yourself only with such things that enhance you. Don’t waste time, it is running out. Constantly. Life doesn’t usually have overtime included. Weigh things to discover how well equipped you are. If things are bad, make them better. Be prepared for life and let it take you wherever you want to.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Where is the damn trimmer? If it arrives any later, we shall have a bit of trouble getting it home because we need to go to Haapsalu for a wedding and then there’s another race. Oh, well. In addition to fretting about a small machine, also worked a bit. Said “yes” to a few translations. Gave 2 massages. Passed the 1000-EUR mark. Now time to stop. At least until the month ends.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t write myself, translated. Ugh. But went to a friend’s book presentation. I’m glad that people not only talk about writing a book but actually do it! This guy is not a writer, no creative writing degree or anything. But he did write. He did finish that book because he couldn’t hold that experience in. A book about a 6-day ultra run where I also helped out 2 years ago. A book about one person’s journey into oneself. It is not a literary masterpiece, but full of emotion and genuine feelings. I read 2/3 (100 pages) of it in the same evening. I know these people he is writing about, so it is interesting to me. Not sure how strangers would react.

3. Win a major race.

60 minutes easy run, getting ready for another race on Saturday. This really was easy and enjoyable, although I started to feel some fatigue in my legs. Followed by a massage and I was at the receiving end. My hamstrings don’t hurt as they used to before. Good sign!

Photo of the Day


What did I say about weighing yourself? Mjauki knows how important it is, although it would be wiser to actually look at the results not to sit on them.



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