Day 972: Nothing Special

I know that one should cherish every day of their lives but this Tuesday (21 August) was simply a Tuesday. Some work, some running, lots of wasting of time. Nothing special. Nevertheless, this day counts too, every day counts in some ways, and actually, I did progress at least in one aspect (running).

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Quite quiet at the work front but gave 1 Thai massage and sent out a couple of invoice reminders to customers. The EUR 1000 turnover mark, after which I shall take in even less work, is only a few massages away.

2. Write and publish a book.

Did write. Slowly, very slowly. Got to the point where I initially wanted to be on 10 August. 11 days behind! Come on, get yourself together!

3. Win a major race.

Stepped out of the comfort zone. That’s good. There were 2 choices (running club group workout): shorter sprints or longer pursuits. The latter was recommended to those who have a marathon coming up (me, me, me). 5×1 km fast on a hilly landscape was not exactly what I had on mind but surprise-surprise, I survived and even successfully. Pace 4.00 min/km or even slightly faster. I’m not sure whether I have run any faster on flat asphalt. Not before. Must be in a really good shape. Let it last!!

Photo of the Day

After an hour in the forest, we always go inside to do some stretching and core exercises. As I am dependent on the train schedule, I prefer to jog to the train stop afterwards because the next train would be too late. So, here you can see the 20.02 train to Tartu, which luckily stops in my small town as well.

What do You Think?

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