Day 975: Half-Marathon

18 August, Saturday, day 975 – all about the half-marathon, so all other aspects of my life, all other goals were pushed into the background. I do believe that such dedication is necessary if you really want to run well. For the week of an important race, it is crucial to push everything else to the side and really prepare your body (=rest) and mind (=imagine yourself crossing the finish line, minimise stress). In June, when I ran at the Estonian Championships, I failed completely with a time 1:36:28. In June, I had a crazy week, filled with superhuman tests – I succeeded in the first ones, but failed the harder test, so I never did become an air traffic controller and was awarded with a major headache instead. All this fuss ended just 2 days before the half-marathon and then I had a long school day, during which I gave a presentation (wobbly knees, anyone?). Ugh. Top this with too much food on the race day and a really sunny weather and you have a recipe for a disaster. I hated that race and thought about giving up. I didn’t, somehow. I analysed my performance and decided that I need to prepare more seriously. Which I did. The week started with some more fuss, but Wednesday and Friday were completely “at home” days so… you have to read to the end to find out how it went!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

This day was all about the race, which started at 9.30 pm, so I more or less spent the day doing nothing to spare my energy. So, no work.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Wrote 0 words. Yep, zero. Had bigger plans because there was a 50-minute train ride between me and the race location. But… the train was awfully full, so had to stand up for the entire way. No computer-time, no writing. When we got there, we went to the hotel, picked up my number, visited the expo and then I tried to sleep a bit as my head ached slightly.

3. Win a major race.

Well, I didn’t win this time. Didn’t even get a prize or anything, although it seemed possible when I first scrolled the starting list. The prizes, i.e. the 6th place, were not that far away, just 1 minute! I am a bit angry with myself that I didn’t give my everything. For the first 12 km, it was even too easy to run. My self-torturing mechanisms aren’t working properly, I guess. A race doesn’t have to be a walk in the park, there ought to be some suffering. Only then can I feel that I have really achieved something. What’s this rant all about? I did run a new PB: 1:32:37, which means that this year I have improved my PB already by 2:30 minutes. Last year, I managed to update my PB by 2 minutes and 1 second. This year is far from being over and I shall try again on 6 October. Meanwhile… there’s also a marathon ahead. Soon, soon.

Photo of the Day


Don’t have any race photos to share. My husband was there but didn’t take any. Oh, well then. There is one official photo online, but I don’t feel like paying 4 euros for that one. So, you will have to do with my pre-race meal: a Margherita pizza. The simplest pizza they had on the menu. I finished it 3,5 hours before the race, around 6 pm, so had enough time to digest it. However, I did feel that I would have needed maybe even bit more time… but better than in June when I gobbled up a really heavy breakfast that consisted of way too many items. And I dare to call myself a nutrition expert. Let’s just say that when I really put my mind into it, I succeed. This time, I focused.

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