Day 976: Get the Ball Rolling

Getting started can be the hardest thing. So, how do you get the ball rolling? Everyone knows that once things have started, they can really amount to something big through accumulation. But if you don’t get started in the first place, then the entire thing is doomed even before the beginning.

I have realised that I cannot really eat first thing in the morning. I cannot force into a body that is still asleep. I need about an hour to get myself going. This could mean reading a book in bed, doing some light exercises, drinking a glass of water and even going for an easy 30-minute jog. Only then am I ready to nourish my body. The same applies to creative writing. I have told myself time and time again that I need to do it as soon as I wake up, but I just can’t. I can’t get myself going. I can start with simpler tasks like checking the bank account (for my company), issuing an invoice or two, translating someone else’s texts. But creative stuff? Oh no. Maybe a blog post, but not the fiction stuff. Today, I tried in the morning but failed miserably. After a run and a proper cleaning of the home, it was much better. And it got even better when I had gone for a walk and returned in the afternoon. Then I could really write and write I did.

There is no one formula that works for everyone. Not all people can tune into their creative mindset first thing in the morning. Once my mind is going at full power, I am able to write but this is not in the morning. Mornings are the time when I go running, clean the house, do other things. Small things that help me to gradually tune into writing once I am ready. It would be wise to get the other stuff out of the way before the writing kicks in because sometimes it is really hard (and you shouldn’t do it either!) to stop once the ball is rolling.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Dedicated one hour to translating something that I don’t care too much but that had to be done. Money coming in, yes. Also, invested some more money in Mintos.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Yes, I did write!! A lot. Not enough, but still a lot. In regards to my planned writing schedule: I am 8 days behind. But… a day before I was something like 11 days behind. This means I wrote the amount that I planned to write in 3 days. If I keep it going, I shall soon get to the present and maybe even dart ahead of the schedule (one can dream!).

3. Win a major race.

30 minutes, easy run. Last day before a big race, so nothing special going on. I am ready.

Photo of the Day


Received a bunch of photos from the 4 August photo session (the huge family session). Just when I was worried that I don’t have a proper photo to show.

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