Day 977: Why Does it Hurt so Bad?

If this is love, then why does it hurt so bad?

/Hurts – Why/

No, don’t get me wrong. Everything is fine. I am still married and living a happy family life if you can call a life with a husband and two black cats this. Some politicians in Estonia would say that I have been a danger to the society for 3 years already (there was a bit of a scandal when a politician told a female reporter in an interview that a woman who is older than 27 years and doesn’t have any children is a threat to the society).

So, what’s with the song? It just keeps getting stuck in my head. I don’t mind. If it’s Hurts, then let it hurt my brain! Whatever. Let’s just say that I love Hurts, maybe even more than Muse. To be honest, Muse has been my long-term love already since 2006, while Hurts entered the scene a bit later and embedded itself deep into my mind after the concert we went to last summer. If these two bands are performing, I shall try and be there. Looks like as if all the bands that I like seem to come from the UK.  There’s something about the British bands and their music that works like a magnet on me. And there’s something about the UK as well. I did go to university there and will be there again in less than a month for my Erasmus exchange! If I remember correctly, then a calculation of what my previous life could have been was something like “an Englishwoman who studied ice”. Maybe I was English before?

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Did some work and kept getting closer to the 1000 EUR monthly turnover (NOT profit!!) mark, after which I shall allow myself to fall back a bit and focus more on my creative stuff and future stuff that needs to be worked on but that doesn’t bring in any money as of yet (online nutrition courses and the like).

2. Write AND publish a book.

I thought I had a damn good plan, which went as follows: pay some bills and order food online – go for that 45-minute jog – train to Tallinn at 11.10 am (leave the computer at home) – give a massage at 12.30-13.30 – receive a long massage, accept food delivery – give a massage at 16.45-17.45 – go home earlier than usual – spend hours writing. Well, it all worked up to the last point. When I got home at around 7.30 pm, I was tired. I first made myself cook a proper dinner of loads of vegetables and with a fresh salad and hoped that this activity would give me some extra energy. Nope. I fell semi-asleep in front of the TV instead. No writing. I think it was the long massage my husband gave me. Sometimes a strong and deep massage can make you tired. Yep. At least I read a bit before falling completely asleep.

3. Win a major race.

A decent 45-minute jog and a long-long massage to get ready for the up and coming half marathon. Overall, in a good shape and giving my body and mind enough rest to succeed this time. It is a whole another story why I failed in June (well, 1:36 might be a decent time, but not what I was after). Maybe I will tell that story one day. It does include me trying to become an air traffic controller. For real.

Photo of the Day

It’s a video instead. A live performance because they don’t have an official video for this song.

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