Day 978: Bye, Bye, Translation

15 August, Wednesday. I realised that I am really sick and tired of translating someone else’s crappy contracts or editing badly written book manuscripts. OK, the contracts aren’t crappy, they are highly sophisticated, even too sophisticated. I am not sure whether the people who compile such things actually understand all that is written in them. The sentence structure… oh, don’t get me started on this! Does everything really have to be so super complicated?

Anyway, I realised how I don’t want to do it anymore. Yes, this is something that I can do and will do if nothing else brings the money in, but I don’t want to do it forever. My translation teacher once said: “Those who can’t write themselves, translate. Those who cannot translate, edit the translations. Those who cannot edit, write research about translation.” I want to be the one writing. This is the most fulfilling thing to do. This really makes me happy. Yes, I could translate this and that, but only the truly exciting stuff! Or… the boring stuff too if they pay me really well, which is quite unlikely. The translation business is not a fast track towards loads of money. You need to sweat for every word and don’t get paid for simply sitting at your desk. Paid by the word, oh the joy.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Work, work, work. Finished two bigger projects. One awful translation and another book editing, which wasn’t actually that bad but still required some effort. This can happen if people who are not natural writers decide that they really HAVE to write a book. Lots of work for the editor who this time happened to be me. At least, I made some money.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Had the plan of writing my own damn book and calculated the number of words that I didn’t write last week nor this week. It is STILL possible to finish that damn thing, although first I would need to get to the mid-point. In the morning, finished reading the last Poirot book (actually, my first Poirot, but last for the detective because he dies in it) and it was fine in the end. I do remember hating parts of it in the beginning. There was a twist which made it more pleasurable. However, I still enjoy the modern thrillers more. Nothing has literally kept me from sleeping (and ruined a race as a result!) like I Let You Go. Nothing has haunted me like I See You. The author is the same for those books. She is brilliant. A masterful storyteller. I envy that skill. I also envy anything that Maggie O’Farrell has written. She got me in her grip with The Hand that First Held Mine and I have been enchanted since.

3. Win a major race.

An easy 1-hour run. Got to breathe some fresh air and the weather was fabulous. This time, the run really cleared my mind and I felt much better afterwards. I think anyone would feel great outside after 5 hours of staring at the screen, full of stupid words that do not seem to end…

Photo of the Day

A UFO just landed on the field behind our apartment building. Never boring when you live in a semi-rural setting!

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