Day 979:One More Blog?

I started toying with the idea of creating yet another blog. A Sportlio athlete’s profile that would help me find sponsors and stuff so I could dedicate my entire life to writing blogs and books and running more seriously. Why the hell not? I am not the fastest runner but decent enough to blog about it and maybe get paid as well? As a nutritionist myself (focus on sports nutrition) and a wife of a physiotherapist, I could have so many interesting topics to cover. In bed, I started thinking that maybe my destiny was to write blogs and articles. But… I haven’t given up on books yet! I will definitely publish a book or two… twenty. Meanwhile, let’s keep the writing habit sharp with some blogging.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Work, work, work. The same old boring translation stuff and editing a book about wrestling. I also made the decision that once I hit the 1000 EUR mark, I can stop taking aboard new translations and focus a bit more on my own blogs, i.e. things that hopefully will earn my living in the future. What 1000 EUR mark? Sounds like a lot of money, wow! Well, actually, no if you deduct the incurring costs (rent) and taxes. But I was amazed at how close (850 something) I was to creating a turnover of a thousand euros. My husband, the physiotherapist, brings in more money, but again taxes, taxes, taxes. But… 1,000 is enough to withdraw from work a bit.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Dreamt of writing. Read a book in bed. Went to an Erasmus briefing – my Erasmus will be in Creative Writing.

3. Win a major race.

5K morning jog + a more serious training in the evening. I wasn’t feeling super good because I ate a pear-apple hybrid just to try how my apple intolerance was doing. It was doing bad… I felt quite sick after that fruit. But, overall, the training went well. The last harder bit before the half-marathon.

Photo of the Day


This photo is in fact from a few days earlier (Tartu), but how can I not share the “beaning of life”?

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