Day 981: Normal Weather

At last! That Sunday was an almost no-sun-day, which in the language of runners means that it was the perfect weather for a long run. For all those sun worshippers out there, I like warm weather and the sun but only when it does not restrict my training. And I like the +15-20 degrees temperature much more. This time, I could do my 20-kilometre long run without having to resort to shorter laps so I would be able to hide a bottle in the bushes to create a makeshift drinking station. In fact, no water was required, it was mild enough! Finally! When you ask me, we could have such a weather all year around. Mild enough to wear a T-shirt or a dress + possible to show off a nice jacket and really ideal for running.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Really, the only thing I did was passing by our piece of land during my run. Didn’t even make any money that day.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Kept thinking how I really need to start writing. Oh, procrastination, why are we so tightly linked together?

3. Win a major race.

Good day on this front. 20 km long run after a race and with a good pace: 5.03, heart rate 146. Was supposed to be an easy run and it was. Got my hopes up for the coming half-marathon (18 August). All is well!

Also watched Estonian male marathon runners run at the European Championships. 9th and 17th place, not bad! If anyone wants, I can sell towels with the sweat of those runners. Just kidding or am I? Estonia is small and everybody knows everybody and my husband knows almost every Estonian runner, so…

Photo of the Day


Just Miu looking at us from the other side of the book shelf.


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